Character Sketch - Lady PazziThis site is intended to provide open access to the complete text of the tabletop roleplaying game “Realms of Myth“. It is a showcase of my idea of what medieval fantasy roleplaying should be like. I wanted to provide free access as it is a work I have lovingly developed over many long years. Far in excess of that, though, it is provided as a means to illustrate the application of a wide variety of historical information – to create talking points for the hobbyists who favor this genre of tabletop RPG’s.

By sharing RoM I hope to attract the attention of those who are interested in the medieval period, to catch the fancies of strangers to roleplaying games, and also that of those new to the hobby who are likely to share an interest in the period, and thus perhaps help grow the hobby. In addition, I hope to generate among those already engaged in the hobby an on-going discussion of medieval history and also the folkways and folklore from that era and earlier periods, in a manner that specifically addresses the ways this information can be used not only by the GM’s/DM’s (etc.) but also by the players to enrich the medieval fantasy roleplaying experience, to add depth and verisimilitude for all.

I say ‘verisimilitude’ here rather than ‘realism’ due to the fact that ‘realism’ has become something of a buzz-word and bugaboo decried by many as an excuse to bog play down. However, when the deep texture of medieval history is brought to the roleplaying game world environment it need not have much if any real impact on the mechanics the players have chosen to employ in implementing its use. And when the players take the time to absorb these realities into the background knowledge of their individual characters, it can only cut down on the numbers of questions about the various environments they enter and sharpen the focus of attention on their characters, deepening the extent to which they can experience the character itself, the game world environment and the story at hand.