Agility (AGL)

Agility defines the character’s over-all body control, speed, and physical reflexes in general. It is the root from which the character’s movement speeds are determined, and the attribute governing the Stealth skills. As it determines his speed, it also dictates his rate of action in high stress (tactical) situations and especially in battle where life and limb may be at risk, and directly governs the character’s ability to defend himself, as well. In these capacities it is very important for any and all characters that expect to enter into armed combat at all, in the same manner that his CND, STA, STR and AWA scores are.

A “1” in this attribute makes of the character the sort of embarrassing stumblebum who can barely get out of bed without getting tangled up and falling, and either breaking something or hurting himself, or someone else, or both.

On the opposite side, a “25” gives the character the natural grace of movement of a classical dancer with the sort of reflexes a martial artist strives for. At the player’s option, such a character might even be limber enough to put a contortionist to shame.