Anchor of Earth

Sphere: Common

Art: Naming

Form: Common/Spell

Ruling Planet: Saturn (to bind), Jupiter (for protection)

The “Anchor of Earth” charm pins the targeted foe(s) to the ground (earth) on the spot where they are affected. In order to move from the spot to which they have been Anchored, the victim must make a successful Contested STR Roll vs. the POT of the charm.

IF the victim is moving when the charm affects him and pins his feet to the ground, his momentum slams him over into the ground to take (mph) points of damage + (modified STA) as from any fall, from which armor provides protection normally.

IF the target is traveling faster than (POT) mph at the time he is affected, that amount is suddenly and immediately subtracted from the rate and the target must make a successful AGL check vs. the POT in order to keep his feet, BUT the power of the Anchor is exceeded and thus broken once the speed of the target has been reduced.

IF the target fails his AGL check and loses his footing, he falls to take (mph) points of damage + (modified STA), as described above.

The Anchor can also be used defensively, to grant the bearer of the charm the strength of the very earth itself, to make of him the proverbial “Immovable Object”. While the recipient of this benefit may move about as he wishes attending to the tasks he sets himself, should any attempt to tackle or overbear him or otherwise manhandle him in any way, the POT of the charm is effectively added to his (modified) STA for the purposes of resolving such attacks, severely hindering any foe’s chances of success.

This charm can similarly transform the bearer of the charm into the “Irresistible Force” if he should wish to attempt to tackle or overbear a foe under the auspices of the Anchor.

This charm may only be cast in a natural setting, BUT may also be called forth from bare earth. The charm must be able to tie the target or recipient to the earth itself, not to any other surface, such as dressed stone or an interior level of a building. The only exception to this occurs in cases where the earth lies directly beneath the cut stone, as with bricked or cobblestoned garden paths and city or town roads and the like, and poorer common cots and hovels where the floor is in fact nothing more than rammed earth.

This charm can only be resisted when applied directly to a living creature or being.