This bundle indicates a very active life during the formative years. In many regards it is acquired as part of the character’s education. For others it is taken as a stand-alone bundle simply indicative of the character’s activities in general. It puts at the player’s disposal the choices of Acrobat (the same in ultimate scope as the trade, if the player decides to pursue it at a later date), Brawler/Wrestler, Climber (Open Skill), Drover/Charioteer, Horseman, Swimmer, and a few Weapons. Some of the skills that can be taken as a part of the bundle cross lines of social class, most notably the Horseman skill. When learned by one of Common or especially Landbound Class it is important for some sort of explanation to be concocted to explain how access was achieved. It may be as simple a thing as the character having had duties in a stable and a superior indulging his desire to learn. In the case of weapon skills, the character’s native social class changes the options available for the character to learn. For those of High birth (nobles), the choice of weapons here are unrestricted, while the choices of weapon skills for characters of Common or Low birth are restricted to Bow (any); Dagger/Dirk/Knife; Woodsman’s Axe; Hatchet; Farm Tool; Quarter Staff; Sling. Options for Hurled and/or Off-Hand weapons skills are equally available to all where appropriate to any of the previously mentioned weapons.

Like any other bundle, the skills represented are available, but by no means is the character required to take them all. The Charioteer side of the Drover skill indicates a somewhat martial bent in the character’s training. It was very important among the war-like Celts, and indicative of a certain fearlessness, commonly put to the purpose of racing when off the battlefield. The Swimmer skill indicates that some sort of body of water must have been available for the character to exploit in pursuit of the skill.

Upon achieving (CRD) in SL with any of these athletic skills, the character reaches the limits of skill that can be reached via this bundle, save one specialty sport of his or her choice. This is the best the character’s knowledge and training allows in regards to the other sports. This is the specialty in which the player chooses to have his character truly excel, perhaps even earning some renown with it.

For the specialty sport chosen, the character may start at this point to experiment with it in attempting to discover the methods of more intricate applications of the skill set involved.

Otherwise, the limitation on a single specialty sport noted above may be overcome if the character seeks out a master of it to train under to expand his or her knowledge and skills. Such a thing is likely to take the character out of play for some time (GM’s discretion). The player must determine for himself if this investment in time is worthwhile for his character. No more than one additional specialty may be developed in this manner at any given time.

The att. mods. for the various activities subsumed in this bundle can be found in the individual descriptions of those skills, as follows.

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