Beauty (BTY)

As seen by others, regardless of race, BTY is a relative statement of the character’s appearance, which can greatly affect the way others (NPC creatures and beings) react to the character at first sight. Though style is dictated by culture, basic concepts of beauty are generally universal, based on a perception of regularity and balance in proportions. Most reactions to appearance are based on the manner in which the beholder’s society accepts or rejects true beauty. The player must understand that the BTY score describes the entire body, not just the face.

A “1” in this attribute indicates the character has so many superficial and even structural flaws, pocks and blotches in complexion, perhaps moles, and such proportional irregularities most people shudder to see it – a face not even a mother could love. Indeed, small children may scream and run away (GM’s discretion). Low BTY should evoke images of hairy warts hirsute men or unnaturally hairless, sallow, waxen or overly sweaty and florid, uneven and unhealthy skin color, tone, and condition. Women may have masculine body hair, pockmarks, incurable acne, or the like. It can indicate extreme over-bite (weak chin) or under-bite (pronounced lantern jaw), crowded or missing teeth, hard, horny, cracked and pitted nails, coarse and wiry unmanageable hair, twisted and/or knobby hands, feet, limbs and joints. If such a character makes no efforts to conceal his appearance, the common run of NPC’s are likely to cross the street, duck into an alley, step off the street or turn into the nearest shop to avoid coming face to face in close quarters with him, physically dragging any dependents along with them.

A “25” in BTY, on the other hand, should conjure visions of Helen of Troy, the classic beauties and leading men of stage and screen, the most enchanting high-fashion models the player can imagine – flawless porcelain “snow on ice” skin, cherry-red Cupid-bow lips, deepest vibrant or smoldering puppy-dog or bedroom eyes, the finest most symmetrical bone structure. Such a character is likely to attract a good deal of attention if he does not wear a veil or cowl when venturing forth in public.

This should give the player an idea of what the impact of the BTY of non-humans such as elfs and demi-humans such as half-elfs who are known to exceed the 25 threshold are. This aspect of BTY would also enhance greatly any native Charisma or Presence and activities like acting as a Player or giving a speech as an Orator, or exercising Leadership in any high-stress situation.