Cat’s Tongue

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

As implied by the old phrase “Cat got your tongue?”, this charm removes the target’s faculty of speech. As the dweomer takes hold, the jaws of those who do not successfully resist pop open, gaping wide to release a mouthful of thin silvery ectoplasm, the embodiment of that part of their spirit and body representing the power of speech. This is drawn by the dweomer to the waiting caster, who must have some sort of bag, box, bottle, or other container which can be closed and secured by clasp, catch, stopper, string-tie, etc. into which to herd the little streams of ectoplasm from all those affected. The victims’ speech returns to them automatically at the expiration of the charm, the container in which they are kept being opened by the dweomer at it passing. If the casting is held at the practitioner’s pleasure according to the optional rules for DUR, the same will occur when he finally allows the dweomer to expire.

IF the container cannot be secured closed, the wisps of ectoplasm can find their way free, wandering aimlessly, to become lost. Finding them again afterwards would be problematic, at best. The expiration of the DUR under such circumstances cannot return the power of speech to the victims under these circumstances.

The voices of those affected stay in their little prison for the DUR regardless of what the DUR parameters are, so long as they remained securely contained, whispers softly emanating from time to time, and the words the victims wish to speak or shout out sometimes audible, if greatly muffled, to those who are located within arm’s length of the container. For any sort of mundane folk not commonly exposed to magick to encounter such an object and experience the voices trapped within is traumatic and horrific, at the least. A special encounter reaction would be called for to indicate the resulting state of mind. Some sort of confrontation with the owner of the vessel (practitioner) is likely in most instances where the reaction is negative.

At the conclusion or expiration of the DUR, the closure opens and the voices are released. IF within (victim’s CHM) yards of the original owner of the voice on being released, it will find its way back to where it belongs. At the discretion of the caster, the container may be opened and only those voices desired then extracted for release or instructed to return to their owners.

This charm may be resisted normally.

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