Caustic Spittle

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sphere: Common

Caustic Spittle” fills the mouth of the bearer of the charm with a seething potion of caustic acids to be spat forth at foes, to soak them down and inflict a blow of (magickal damage) in POT upon them, on contact. When it strikes a foe, it sticks and burns, then continues to burn and inflict additional blows at the end of every CS following, always half the POT of that inflicted the CS before, until it is exhausted. Clothing burns away at the rate of one point per layer. Armor provides protection normally, according to its DR.

This continues apace unless and until some means can be found of washing the Spittle off. Wiping it off, regardless of the means used, is NOT sufficient.

The Spittle may be held in the mouth for up to DUR (if tied off, normally), or the dweomer replenishes the burning fluid to allow the bearer to spit his fury out upon his foes (POT) times, if it is held at the caster’s pleasure. The bearer may spit the Fire at any one foe within RNG, arcing overhead in the same manner as an arrow, with the same speed and accuracy. The first use (if maintained at pleasure) or the only use is allowed the bearer of the charm with no need to roll “to hit”. For any subsequent uses, rolls “to hit” are required.

IF the bearer of the charm’s mouth can be sealed and he forced to swallow the Spittle, he must suffer the damage it contains himself, from the inside.

IF a practitioner has both the “Caustic Spittle” and “Spitting Naja” charms in his portfolio of skills, the attributes of both can be combined to create a “Caustic Venom” dweomer. This inflicts blows of (magickal damage) in POT as well as inflicting harm to the CND score, the latter aspect manifesting as soon as the first wound is taken from is acid aspect.

This charm cannot be resisted, but a successful P-RES check can reduce the effective POT of the venom by (CND att. mod.).

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