Charm of Distraction, – Iron Concentration

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The “Charm of Distraction” takes any physical point where there is some sort of scene or activity going on, or any sound, song, scent, odor, fresco, painting, triptych, mechanical toy, sparkling bauble (especially if it is moving and providing a light show), or other feature of interest within sight, including the caster’s own eyes, and transforms them in the sight of the victim(s) to surround it with an aura of heightened allure and interest. This captivates enough of the victim’s attention to effectively divide it, should he be in the process or attempting to engage in any action that requires his attention elsewhere than the point of interest that distracts him, to a degree that impairs his faculties. Alternately, the distraction created by the charm may manifest so as to appear like a buzzing bee or gadfly, a fluttering butterfly that the victim can only just see out of the corner of his eye, a sudden and intermittent motion that intrudes again and again, demanding the victim’s attention, having no real physical presence, being just enough to rattle him with its unpredictability, uncomfortable proximity and irritating, repetitious interruptions.

Regardless of which application is chosen, the dweomer effectively imposes a (POT) penalty to the victim’s AV to perform any action or task or in exercising any skill or trade while under the dweomer’s influence. The dweomer’s penalty to the AV applies also to all instances in which the victim’s AV is used to determine the time required to complete that action or task. The victim of the Distraction may continue normally about his business, but does so only half-heartedly, distracted, paying only poor attention; so that a d100 check vs. AWA/AGL/CRD, etc, as appropriate (GM’s discretion) is required in order to accomplish even normal, mundane, everyday tasks or actions, including pouring a tankard of ale, walking a flight of stairs, whittling by the fire.

If the POT of the charm is greater than the victim’s HRT score and he fails this check, not only is the task at hand failed/abandoned in midstream, but his attention is swallowed up completely and he “falls down a rabbit hole”, so to speak, so that time and the world seem to stand still for the DUR or until he is snapped out of it by some outside agent.

The charm can be cast either upon a limited number of creatures or beings to whom the point of distraction used would normally be of at least passing interest (GM’s discretion), after the fashion of a Sorcery, or the charm may be wrought so that the point of interest so affected captures the interest and distract all who come within sight of it (Naming).

If the distraction is visual in nature and the victim’s line of sight with it is interrupted, the charm will be broken. In the same vein, stopping up the ears of one distracted by music, a neighbor’s argument, or the like will similarly break the charm. If the object of distraction is a parade, a fight, or any similar incident, the charm will expire when the scene is played out and people go back to their daily routines.

The opposite aspect, or “Iron Concentration”, sharpens the recipient’s focus, allowing him to tune out all outside/surrounding distractions to such an extent that any DV penalties imposed in order to reflect their influences are reduced by (POT) for the DUR. This applies to reducing DV penalties inflicted for such things as lending a moment’s attention to defense while the bearer of the charm works, also.

The charm has the additional virtue of allowing the bearer of the charm to add his CHM att. mod. and HRT att. mod. to the AV for any and all tasks that require a d100 check for success that are assayed for the DUR.

This has something of a drawback insofar as actually trying to gain the attention of the bearer of the charm to communicate with him once he has actually become engaged in attempting to complete any task requires a successful d100 check with an AV based on the att. mod’s for CHM and HRT, PLUS any SL’s he may have as an Orator/Presence vs. a DV equal to [(POT) + (bearer’s CHM att. mod.) + (bearer’s HRT att. mod.)].

If it is not already in his repertoire, the “Distraction”/“Iron Concentration” charm provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Stupefaction”/“Clear Mind” charm, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it such that he may learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm can be resisted normally.

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