Charm of Mastery OR Hex of Incompetence

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

This charm enables the caster to bestow a bonus (Mastery) or penalty (Incompetence) upon the target’s AV with a particular, specific trade-skill, such as Pick Locks or Cut Purse, Track, Tail, Weapons, or the like, OR the SL for any skill which forms the basis of a narrowly focused and specific trade, such as weaving (Craftsman-Weaver, GM’s discretion). This adds or subtracts up to (POT) for the DUR. The caster must know and name the skill he is enhancing or inhibiting via his charm at the casting, and so should be reasonably sure that the target does, indeed, possess it, or the dweomer is wasted. When applied to making one more accurate and thus deadly with any given weapon skill it is commonly referred to as a “True Strike” charm.

This dweomer affects only the skill AV, his facility with the skill’s use. Should the Incompetence aspect of this charm be used and be sufficient to reduce the target’s AV to a number that provides a 0% chance of success (or lower), the victim loses the use of it for any and all attempts at practical application for the DUR, but NOT his knowledge of it or its status as a personal resource to be tapped for any AWA or Lore checks applicable to it.

IF the recipient has a skill which is duplicated in nature, such as multiple Language skills, Social Graces including those of foreign countries, multiple types of beasts to which the Husbandman trade applies, types of mounts to which Horsemanship applies, Connoisseur specialties, Weapon skills, or the like, ALL of the sub-divisions or skills within that category are affected by the dweomer equally, whether for better or for worse.

All (normal) uses of the skill/trade in question should be affected equally. In regards to Weapon skills, the dweomer should affect the defensive uses as well as the offensive uses, equally. In regards to the Brawling (Fisticuffs)/Grappling/Wrestling skill, ALL aspects are affected equally, as all are considered integral, one to the other, especially in the fighting styles in which those who use such tactics and skills are trained by the fighting masters (Warriors, Assassins, Huntsmen).

Through this charm the caster may ONLY enhance or hinder skills (trades) in which the target is already versed. Knowledge the recipient does not already have may NOT be bestowed by use of the “Mastery” aspect.

Cast by the Art of Naming, a tool or set of tools may be imbued with either aspect so as to affect the first (POT) persons skilled in their use if the duration has been tied off, or all who are so skilled who pick up the object(s) affected so long as the dweomer endures. Alternately, the charm may be cast in such a manner as only to have effect for the benefit or detriment of up to (POT) individuals named in the casting, or up to (POT) generations of a named person’s family, but he must be sufficiently familiar with the basis for any such stipulations through previous personal experience, and each such element beyond the first to which it is specifically tuned to respond raises the casting DV on a Progressive basis.

This charm can be resisted normally.

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