Charm of Mending

Art: Enchantment

Ruling Planet: Venus

Sphere: Common

The Mending Charm causes any broken, cracked, ripped, torn, or shattered object to which it is applied to return to a state of wholeness, assembling all pieces/parts present, item, regardless of the material of which it is made. Seams remain visible after the repair is made, but they are tight to the point of being reduced to hairline cracks, watertight if that was the purpose of the object originally (so long as no pieces are missing), and requiring a successful AWA check vs. the POT of the charm to see.

Any pieces missing or located farther than [(caster’s MGA) + (dweomer POT)] feet (cantrip), yards (spell) or rods (ritual) from the site of the casting at the time the Mending is loosed must remain missing, notable by their absence in their appearance as holes in the reassembled object. The pieces of the broken object can be conjured by something like a Gather charm, however, using the pieces the practitioner has of the object to tap the bond of Resonance with the missing pieces to bring them home.

IF the practitioner has a piece of an unknown/unidentified object, he might conjure the rest of any missing pieces with a Gather charm and then by a Mending charm reassemble them to see what the object originally was.

The dweomer cannot manufacture or materialize any pieces that may have been destroyed or remain missing in locations beyond its reach, though any new pieces fashioned to take the place of those that are missing can be bound into the item by the dweomer when it is loosed, as if they were the original pieces, as closely as the fit may be, according to how good a replacement they are (GM’s discretion).

This charm can also be used to restore threadbare worn textiles, darn stockings, and other woven goods including those of reeds, rushes, withies and the like, so long as sufficient replacement goods are supplied for the charm to utilize. This kind of work is rather readily apparent due to the difference in the new and old materials lying side by side, it is NOT the same as a “Restoration” would provide.

This charm cannot be resisted. Its effects are permanent, though the object is subject to the stress of wear, tear and abuse again in the wake of the charm’s effect, normally.

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