Charm of Occlusion, Charm of Obscurity, Veil of Protection, Cloak of Protection, or Mantle of Protection

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Sphere: Common

This dweomer is designed to block the efforts of those who would use various sorts of Divination magick to Seek out, Read, Reveal or otherwise discover information and especially secrets of the caster or the object or bearer of the dweomer.

The dweomer can provide a simple Veil of Protection. The Veil works to conceal the caster or bearer of the dweomer from any Divination magick such as “Second Sight” that grants a vision of him to another practitioner, including those using the Clairvoyance Spirit Skill, and any aspect of a Divination magick such as a “Finding”. At the caster’s option, this dweomer may be applied to any object or an AoE (using the parameters for Enchantment), to protect it in the same manner.

The dweomer may be used as more of a Cloak of Protection, concealing the caster or bearer of the dweomer visually, as above, but also against those Divinations intended to “Reveal” his presence, or his current location in particular, as one might use a “Charm of Finding” to Find him by means of any thing (personal artifact or belonging) or even some dweomer he has wrought, or a special pet or favored animals such as hounds of the hunt or horses of the chase. It also guards against those Divinations intended to delve into the secrets of his physical body by Reading it, including tracking him by means of a “Path Tracer” magick, or such magicks as “Eavesdropper’s Charm” tuned to steal his words.

The dweomer can also stand as more of an all-encompassing Mantle of Protection which guards the recipient from all the types of intrusions mentioned already as well as blocking any and all other attempts to pry into the secrets of the recipient in any way by the Art of Divination, especially through his emotions or emotional attachments (bonds of Contagion/Resonance), the emotions and emotional attachments and events that mark his heart, those Divinations that work upon the Contagion that marks the world around him as he passes through it, or even to pry into the secrets of his future or past.

When any other practitioner attempts to gain any information about the bearer of the dweomer through the use of a Divination magick against which the dweomer is tuned to protect, the dweomer requires a successful Contested Roll be made against it before any information it can be breached and the information revealed.

The procedure for conducting the Contested Roll in this instance is the same as that used to contest any other magick, such as a HRT or STR contest used to fight a charm which binds the will or body, which is the same as that used for attuning a magickal object so it can be tapped and used or wresting control of a magick away from its creator.

Failing the Contested d100 Roll, the Protection remains intact and the intruding Divination is foiled in obtaining the information it was intended to gather.

Succeeding against the “Protection” magick breaks the protection as surely as if it had been Dispelled, allowing the intruding practitioner to gather the information desired. If the practitioner is carrying the DUR under the optional DUR rules, rather than having tied it off, breaching this defense and bringing it down must alert the caster immediately.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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