Circle of Protection

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune, (var.)

Sphere: Common

The “Circle of Protection” creates a wall of invisible force enclosing the AoE that acts as a screen to keep those the caster specifies from entering for the DUR. The Circle may be used to enclose the perimeter of a room, or around the foundation of a building, or to enclose an area outside, but should not be conceived of as a cylinder in shape with walls stretching upwards endlessly, but as more of a dome shape, or even as a sphere if the target against which the “Circle” is tuned to protect is capable of approaching the AoE from below, OR conforming to the shape of the building or chamber in which or on which it is cast (as desired, as applicable).

At the caster’s option, the charm may be used to envelop one or more objects he wants safe from the touch of certain types of things, creatures or beings, or similarly wrap it as an aura about one or more creatures or beings he wishes to be so protected. In the same vein, the caster may bring a group of living creatures and/or beings into a circle and forge them into the “Circle”, each member being similarly protected no matter where they may go for the DUR.

Each casting of the dweomer may be tuned to block the passage of a single general type of creature, being, thing or force deemed undesirable, and may be varied from one casting to the next to defend the AoE against the approach of members of specific races, members of specific trades (such as any Assassins, Knaves or Rogues, or Tinkers, Chapmen, Players, beggars or other itinerant wanderers), or specific species of beast in particular (horse, hawk, hound, rat, cat, crow, etc., including lycanthropes that change into a beast the Circle is tuned to, but only for so long as they maintain that beast shape, being expelled once they turn to the beast shape, however), undead, færie folk, lycanthropes (will work regardless of the form in which they appear), living plants, or the like or up to (POT) individual beasts (whether they bear a given name or not), those of a particular family or bloodline, those who wear a particular badge or crest, or specific individuals within RNG (sight), or with which the caster must be familiar through previous personal experience, or of whom he possesses some means of transcending that limitation (lock of hair, personal belonging, or other bond of Resonance). The Circle can be tuned to exclude ALL living (mundane) beasts and/or humanoid beings in general, or Nature’s fury (winds and precipitation or other inclement weather), various specific substances or materials either in their raw or worked states (iron and steel being recognized as distinct and different, sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks being similarly separately recognized, hardwoods being distinct from soft woods, etc., as specified by the caster), or certain specific objects (the tools of a trade, weapons of war, hats, gloves, shoes, etc., as specified by the caster) regardless of the material or substance from which they are made), or the like.

It may guard against incursions by physical creatures and/or beings of a magickal nature such as lycanthropes or other shape-changers and the un-dead, and including predatory and/or animate or ambulatory plants, or any specific object, creature or being representing some form of danger to the caster or those designated by the caster as participating in the dweomer, including those bearing poisons, drugs, pox or disease, traps and/or snares, ambushes (inc. Trojan Horse style), or the like.

A Circle tuned to keep out all humanoids works perfectly well on the lycanthrope or other shape-changer when he is in his human form, HOWEVER, it can do nothing to stop him from passing its bounds when he is in beast form if the Circle is not tuned to keep out beasts. Tuned to lycanthropes in particular, the Circle keeps them out regardless of the form they wear. All lycanthropes are shape-changers, BUT not all shape-changers are lycanthropes. Berserkers eventually attain the ability to be shape-changers into their totem spirit, either bear or wolf. Those of the magick-wielding trades who gain the magickal skills to do so may become shape-changers, and skins and hats and such that are imbued with shape-changing magicks can make shape-changers of those hailing for any walk of life – a common feature of the magick of traditional heroic tales.

It may be made more general in dire circumstances, guarding against such dangers as enemies in general (those plotting betrayal or planning to perpetrate any other form of harm against the caster or those participating in the dweomer, or those who are enemies by nature and disposition and any who might simply wish them ill, for whatever reasons), or magicks invested and quiescent in an object or resident in a living creature or being, or only magicks (by specific Art in particular) originating outside the AoE cast at the Circle’s AoE or the creatures, beings or objects inhabiting it, or those bound together and wrapped in an Aura of the Circle to share its protection, specific types of spirits such as ghosts and/or hauntings, or færie spirits, dæmons, genii, or spirits of Light and/or Darkness, and the like, as desired. Alternately it might be tuned against ALL magick in general (all Forms and Arts included) or ALL spirits in general, as desired.

Each such level of criteria stipulated in who or what is to be screened out or protected against raises the casting DV in a Progressive manner. For this purpose, each level of criteria, moving from specific to general (as shown in the examples) counts as another for the purposes of determining the DV bonus to cast.

ALL objects and creatures or beings located in the AoE of a Circle on its creation are granted the same benefit. At the practitioner’s discretion, the Protection may be tuned to respond only to intent, protecting those in the AoE or those bound into the Circle from all harm. In this case, only those who intend harm to ANY or all creatures, objects or beings so protected are held at bay.

Upon encountering the edge of the AoE, those creatures and/or beings against which the Circle is guarding must complete a successful [(STA ÷ 4) + (STR att. mod. + HRT att. mod.)] Contested Roll on d100 vs. the Circle’s [(POT) + (MGA att. mod. + HRT att. mod.)] before he may pass through.

The procedure for conducting the Contested Roll in this instance is the same as that used to contest any other magick, such as a HRT or STR contest used to fight a charm which binds the will or body, which is the same as that used for attuning a magickal object so it can be tapped and used or wresting control of a magick away from its creator, each roll assuming the use of a full Action in tactical time.

Failing this Contest, they cannot cross the dweomer’s perimeter.

Successfully making the check, they can force their way in. In violating the dweomer successfully, it is shattered, as surely as if it had been Dispelled.

This aspect of the dweomer does not apply to those objects and specific creatures or beings who are singled out to be wrapped in an aura of protection specific to them rather than the AoE casting with which the majority of the description is concerned.

Those against whom the Circle protects must make a similarly successful Contested check on d100 (as above) vs. the Circle’s [(POT) + (MGA and HRT att. mod’s)] before they may physically confront and accost the caster or any of those who were forged into the Circle, be they object- or living creature-based, or both (Naming) or any object creature or being wrapped in the protection in the form of a personal Aura.

IF the “Circle’s” power is applied to individuals, whether bound in a Circle or simply applied as an Aura, and a foe overcomes it by means of the Contested STR/HRT roll (as above), the charm will be broken as surely as if it had been dispelled BUT only for that recipient. All others will remain safe.

Failing the Contested STR/HRT roll, hostile foes must find some other means of accomplishing their goals or purpose regarding those protected by the dweomer, for they are unable to confront them personally.

In the cases of objects, substances or materials brought into conflict with the “Circle”, it is assumed they are carried, and in order to pass the circle of protection those carrying them must make the same sort of check vs. the “Circle’s” power to get them across, except the mass or amount of the substance is used as the AV, represented by the sum of its Size in all three dimensions, of all parcels brought against the dweomer if more than one at one time, plus the carrier’s (STR att. mod.).

In the case of weather (“Nature’s fury”), the [(caster’s HRT) + (POT)] will be subtracted from the speed of the winds in mph, and the POT of the Protection subtracted from the POT of the precipitation or storm to determine how much, if any, gets through. Insofar as providing Protection from Cold or Protection from Heat, the parameters of the Circle’s ability to provide relief will be defined in the same manner as a “Caloric Charm” of the same POT.

For those objects, creatures, and beings the “Circle” is NOT directed against in protection, free access to the AoE may be exercised, in and out at will. Any creature or being within that steps out over the bounds of the “Circle” that has been cast as an AoE breaks the magick and cause the dweomer to dissipate as surely as if it had been Dispelled.

At the caster’s option, the “Circle” may be turned inside-out in order to seal inside the AoE that to which it is tuned, to form a sort of prison for the DUR.

The ruling planets that apply to the casting of this magick depend on the nature of that against which the Circle is protecting, i.e., Mercury and Moon when tuned to beasts; the Sun when tuned to all living things; Mercury when tuned to neighbors, siblings, and/or cousins, or Scholars in general; Venus when tuned to those of any of the Social Trades, especially Players and Courtiers or Rogues, or members of any and all Artisan trades; Mars when tuned to any of the Warrior trades or Surgeons; Jupiter when tuned to members of the Clergy class and/or Scholar-Lawyers; Saturn when tuned to members of the government, those serving the cause of government, and/or all authorities including the entire class of landed nobility; Uranus and Neptune when tuned to magick, Wizards or Mystics, with Neptune especially in regards to Glamourie and Mercury in regards to Divination; Pluto in regards to all minerals and substances from beneath the surface of the earth and members of the trade of miners, or un-dead; Pluto and Moon in regards to lycanthropes, and so on.

The examples of things, creatures or beings mentioned against which the Circle can be tuned to guard are intended to be indicative of the range of the Circle’s protective capabilities, but are by no means meant to be definitive of the limits of the magick.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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