Cloak of Confustication

Art: Glamourie

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

The charm cloaks the bearer in a crowd of replicated fuzzy, phantom images of himself, all floating and shifting in and out around the bearer of the charm, his own appearance growing fuzzy and indistinct until he becomes indistinguishable from among them. The images fill the bearer’s Zone, plus up to (POT) feet in radius surrounding him.

The number of feet beyond the bearer’s Zone that the Cloak extends adds that many feet to the Size of the weapon needed to strike at the bearer in common melée combat without entering the confines of the Cloak.

The POT of the Cloak is added to the DV for any foe to make a successful Dodge check to enter within the guard of the bearer. Once within the area covered by the Cloak, the POT is added to the DV for any and all checks for visually dependent skills for so long as he remains there, essentially raising all of the bearer’s defense DV’s.

The proximity of it to the bearer of the charm can be adjusted at will, he is not bound to be the center of it, but can decide to pin the circle in place and move about within it. He can then pick it up to center it on himself again when he wishes to move and then pin it in place to move about within all over again.

IF the optional rules for DUR are in play, he may do this up to (POT) times as he maintains the dweomer.

The “Cloak of Confustication” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Displacement Glamour” magick, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it such that he may learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice if it is not already in his repertoire.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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