Commune wi’ Plant

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

This dweomer awakens the dormant animus or spirit of any single plant within sight and enable the caster to commune with it, extending his consciousness to merge with the plant’s animus-consciousness and sift through its experiences in order to gather information. This magick may be exercised upon either mundane or mythical plant life, it matters not.

Once the dweomer has manifested, the caster is required to settle down in a meditative state with the plant in question with as few distractions as possible in order to garner the information desired. In this way, the “Commune” magick is exactly like the “Read” skill.

The caster may glean up to [(POT) + (HRT att. mod.)] pieces of information from the plant spirit, and he has up to (DUR) as allowed by POT if tied-off, normally, to accomplish that, unless the DUR is maintained by the caster at his pleasure. Once the information has been gleaned, the dweomer dissipates on its own and the animus of the plant is released to return to slumber.

Plant spirits have only a bystander’s knowledge of items, people, events, or places within, or having passed within, their immediate vicinities, defined as [(SPT) + (POT)] yards, and this within (DUR) time as allowed by POT, but counted back through time into the past from the point in time of the dweomer’s casting, for the caster’s benefit.

It is up to the caster to use enough POT to make the DUR into the past yield a period of time that provides a significant or useful amount of information, with the understanding that a perennial plant can have no memory of any events transpiring before the spring when it first emerged from its seed. Annuals, trees, shrubs, and the like carry no such limitation on their knowledge, only that placed on the dweomer by DUR and the age of the plant itself (GM’s discretion), which can be determined by a quick use of one of the Measuring Tool charms. The player should try to make sure the GM understands the character’s criteria for choosing the plant before casting the magick to ensure he is able to find the information he seeks, provided it is there in the first place.

As the period of the past available for the caster’s perusal can be quite long (depending on POT) and most of the events transpiring during that time very likely holding no interest at all for the caster, he can effectively “scan” through the experiences of the plant with which he is communing. This may be done in one of two ways; the first allows the caster to count back to a specific date and time from which to view the plant’s experiences. This date and time may be changed and repeated as desired without restriction or penalty. The second allows the caster to skip along the high-points of the plant’s experiences, as these are the easiest to find. In this approach the caster may focus in on only those events accented by extreme conditions or events, burning sun and drought, endless rain and lack of sun, perhaps flooding, verbal and especially physical violence, such as being chewed on by some herbivore or being torn up by some Forager, or stomped on by some predator or fleeing prey. This approach is best when the caster is not quite sure who it is he is looking for or exactly the nature of the events he is looking for.

The player must understand that when communing with a plant he is looking at the world through its “eyes”, so to speak. However, the visions of the plant’s experiences ARE sufficient to enable the caster to identify encounters with those with whom he is already familiar by sight and especially those he knows through previous personal experience, AND sufficient for the caster to identify a person he has seen through communing with a plant if he should run into him again and see him with his own eyes later.

The animus awakened by and responding to this magick does not manifest physically, and therefore cannot be harmed by physical means. Only a suggestion of their form is visible to onlookers who are trained in the ways of magick, or who have the Sight. All others see nothing of the animus. The caster is the only one able to communicate with the wakened spirit, it ignores all others. Due to the tenuousness of their manifestation, any attack upon the spirit, even magickal or magickally aided, simply breaks the dweomer’s power, dismissing the spirit.

The “Commune” magick is directly related to and derived from the “Read” skill, more specifically the “Read Material” skill.

All of the “Commune” magicks (Animal, Elemental Spirit, Plant and Shadow) are different aspects of the same skill. By taking the “Commune” skill, the character has access to all. Each “Commune” skill is tracked separately in SL during play, according to the use it gets, normally.

IF the “Commune” skill is not already in the practitioner’s repertoire, as well, the “Read” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to it, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it and learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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