Compass Charm

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Uranus

Sphere: Common

This is the means by which the practitioner may fix or store the “bump” of direction resulting from a casting of the “Charm of Direction” or “Finding” on/in a physical object so it can be of use to others. This creates a compass/guide tied to the location obtained by Divination which may then be followed by any folk, regardless of whether mundane or magickally skilled, so long as they hold the “Compass”, where the “Charm of Direction” is of use only to the caster.

It is commonly cast alongside the “Charm of Direction” in a bundled casting so the results of the Divination go directly into the “Compass” object.

The caster may choose any number of ways to express the Compass dweomer, in setting a sliver of hazelwood, ash, oak (or other wood of magickal tradition), a green leaf, a flower petal, or the like afloat on a cup or bowl of water or other liquid that flows as water does (even milk, wine or beer) so it can swing freely to point out the direction in which the destination lies; he may tie a sewing needle, twig or stick of hazelwood, ash, oak, etc., knitting needle, wand, or any long thin object on a thread, string or cord and hold it suspended so it can swing to point according to the prompting of the dweomer. A conventional compass (GM’s discretion) can also be used, its needle carefully balanced on a pivot on which it sets so very lightly in a weatherproof casing, or even a mechanical apparatus with gimbles to allow the pointer to swing about in every direction in a complete sphere can be constructed so it points in any direction at any angle whatsoever, and either can be activated by the “Compass Charm”.

In the hands of a Druid or Witch, the “Compass” MUST have some bit of Nature plucked fresh and alive specifically for the casting incorporated into it, some green twig or leaf, blade of grass or flower petal, or the like. So long as the magick endures, the object is sustained in its live, fresh state.

Other than these differences, the “Compass Charm” provides the same unfaltering and unerring directional sense tied to the destination to which the Compass Charm was tied on casting, pointing out the direction just like a “Charm of Direction” (Way Finder or Path Finder), showing him when he is facing the exact direction in which the destination he seeks lies, with exactly the same restrictions on its function found within the “Charm of Direction” (Way Finder or Path Finder) magick’s description.

The “bump” of direction from a “Charm of Direction” or “Finding” dweomer, or the like used as the focus for a “Compass Charm”, from which the sense of direction is derived, must be equal to or greater than the POT of the “Compass Charm” in which it is used.

The Compasses created with this Charm last until the bearer reaches his destination, for the DUR as allowed by POT if tied off, normally, or as long as the caster chooses to maintain the dweomer, whichever occurs first, as applicable. It may be picked up and used and put down or put away as desired (as most appropriate to the form it takes) for as long as the dweomer endures.

Should the object on which the “Compass Charm” is fixed be broken, the “Compass” cup or bowl is spilled or the suspending thread or string broken or cut while in use, the Charm is broken and dismissed as surely as if it had been Dispelled. The “bump” of direction used as its focus lost to the caster. Both the original “bump” of direction and the “Compass” in which it was used must be cast anew.

This charm may not be resisted.

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