Condition (CND)

Character Condition indicates the degree of the character’s general level of health and physical conditioning, his hardiness and strength of physical fiber. The character’s endurance and physical staying power are governed by CND, how quickly he spends his Wind and how quickly he gets it back, and his ability to hold his breath or resist the latest flu bug or plague. It is a primary factor in determining the amount of actual physical punishment or damage the character can withstand and influences the character’s weight, as well, by indicating greater leanness. CND is a major factor in determining the character’s ability to resist severe bodily shocks, pain, and privation, how fast he heals from all injuries and maladies. It is very important for any and all characters that expect to enter into armed combat at all, in a similar manner that AGL, STA, STR and AWA scores are.

A character with a “1” score in CND are soaked with sweat, red and huffing after a simple walk around the block or climbing a flight of stairs, or any similar exercise of his physical resources. He is also prone to catch whatever the latest bug is that is going around at first exposure, and most likely to succumb to it if it is at all dangerous.

The character with a “25” score would be fine walking, running, or any similar simple task all day, finding a comfortable pace and barely breaking a sweat by sundown. His immune system would be strong enough to keep him safe from everyday sniffles and alive through most of the more threatening maladies, as well, even if he did fall prey to it.