Confound the Mind, Hex of Stupefaction, Curse of Confusion OR Clear Mind

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury (Clear Mind), Saturn (Stupefaction)

Sphere: Common

The “Clear Mind” charm clears the cobwebs from the sluggish mind that may remain from being roused from sleep, or those recovering from stunning due to a number of causes such as taking a hit carrying a heavy POT, or suffering any great pain in general, or alleviating simple confusion from the mind of the recipient, and especially rescuing the mind of those who are inundated with grief, rage or any other emotion to the point where their thoughts and actions are no longer under rational control. Penalties to DV’s for various (primarily physical) actions stemming from the causes mentioned are reduced by up to (POT) for the DUR. If penalties are accruing due to clouding of the mind by more than one of these factors, ALL are affected but each is compared to the POT of the charm separately. Where the penalty due to a single cause is less than or equal to the POT of the charm, they are eliminated. Those that are greater are reduced by (POT).

Where a penalty of some sort is inflicted against which the proper functioning of the mind is tested before the victim can do as his best judgement would indicate rather than some rash or ill-considered course according to the impulse, the POT of the Clear Mind is subtracted from the DV for that check. True affictions of insanity, also rated in POT, can be reduced or quelled completely by the application of this charm at equal or greater POT. This assumes that the cause of the incapacity is due to natural, real-world circumstances, such as might occur due to exposure to traumatic events, punishment or other similar circumstances (GM’s discretion).

When/where inflicted by a heart or mind-altering dweomer, the “Clear Mind” charm can work as a countermagick to Dispel. Alternately it can be used to Oppose, so that with sufficient POT, the dweomer may return the subject completely to his senses, all mental faculties fully functioning through Opposition.

The “Clear Mind” magick can also be used to Oppose or Dispel such magicks as “Straysod“, or the “Charm of Distraction” or “Mesmerize” aspects of this charm, and other such dweomers that similarly handicap the senses and consciousness, such as “Dull Sense”, and also those that excite the emotions ike grief, rage, lust, love, pride, etc. to the point of overwhelming the spirit and senses (GM’s discretion).

Confound the Mind”, also known as the “Hex of Stupefaction” or “Curse of Confusion”, strikes the victim(s) a mental blow to temporarily paralyze his mental capacities by the shock, causing confusion and bewilderment, befuddling and disorienting him for the DUR. The mental state created by the dweomer requires the victim to:

a) first make a successful AWA check on d100 vs. [(POT) + (caster’s HRT)] in order to recognize anyone standing before him so as to distinguish between friend, family or stranger and foe. If this check is failed, the victim cannot comprehend even this basic information. No further checks may be made. The victim is incapable of understanding his own danger and distress. Falling into a body of water he will simply flail about and drown, not able to respond to the danger of drowning despite any ability to swim; he might try to touch the gleaming dragon’s pretty scales; he might try to play with the pretty fire, or the like (GM’s discretion).

b) make another successful AWA check on d100 vs. [(POT) + (caster’s HRT)] in order to actually comprehend their status relative to him, the circumstances surrounding him, to comprehend whether he is being threatened, offered something, asked to do something, a demand of some kind being made of him, or the like. If this step is failed, the victim cannot encompass what the circumstances are, what it means that the ones with whom he is faced stand before him. No further checks may be made. Any response made can be based solely on what he knows or does not know about those who stand before him (GM’s discretion).

c) Only after these two steps have been successfully achieved is the victim allowed to make a final AWA check on d100 vs. [(POT) + (caster’s HRT)] in order to formulate a cogent response and implement it.

This final success allows for the least confrontational, most prudent response to the situation, based on the awareness that the victim has a (POT) penalty to Initiative, and the same to effective AGL for determining RoA, and the same penalty also added in determining the time required to complete any action (added to the DV which forms the basis for determining time requirements for skills, according to the applicable skill description), and a (POT) penalty also to the victim’s AV for performing ANY action at all.

Movement-based actions are favored. If direction is an issue, with danger being located in some direction(s) and safety in others, an additional successful AWA check will be required in order to head in the direction of safety, otherwise the direction the victim heads will be determined randomly, at the GM’s discretion.

Acts made in self-defense, such as actual defenses offered with Weapon skills, Shield skill, Dodges and the like will only be made if they cannot be avoided due to the awareness of the impairment under which the victim knows he must labor.

Failing this, the response of the victim will be child-like in simplicity. The victim might allow himself to be struck by an enemy in battle, not being able to muster any sort of effective defense,

Each of the rolls required to determine the degree of cognizance the victim can achieve, as described in steps a), b) and c) above, requires a full action on the victim’s part to determine and achieve.

Applied to a target already suffering some form of Stun (especially in the course of battle), the circumstances described are increased in effective POT by the amount of the penalty already being applied, falling back to the POT of the charm as that underlying pre-existing penalty fades, normally, according to the rules for tactical play and armed combat.

Attacking the “Stupefied” victim actually helps him to focus and bring him OUT of the “Stupefied” state, however, each instance allowing the victim to go through the three steps of determining how cognizant he may be again. In addition, each personal attack on him should cut the remaining penalty by half, including the AV for the defense offered, if a formal combat defense is used.

IF he is actually struck and suffers damage (pain), the amount suffered will be subtracted from the remaining penalty as well. Thus, slapping the victim can help to break the “Stupefaction”.

Once the penalty under which the victim of a “Stupefaction” has been eliminated, the Hex is considered broken, as surely as if it had been dispelled.

If it is not already in his repertoire, this charm provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Distraction”/“Iron Concentration” charm, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it such that he may learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm can be resisted normally.

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