Conjure Guiding Star

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Moon

Sphere: Common

The “Guiding Star” can be used in a similar manner to the “Candle”, above, to hover high in the sky among the stars above and shine its rays in the true direction of the location to which it is bound in order to show the way back to home or camp or town, with the same parameters. In this capacity, the “Star” guides those within sight of it its rays only along the true direction, in a straight line to the location it marks as the bird flies, in the manner of a “Charm of Direction”, regardless of terrain or vegetation or any topographical barriers that may lay between the traveller and the site sought. The travellers must find their own path to it, using the “Star” only as a point of reference towards which they must return as often as the topographical obstacles they encounter allow.

Alternately, the “Star” may be used as another means by which the practitioner may transfer the “bump” of direction resulting from a casting of the “Charm of Direction” (Way Finder or Path Finder) or “Finding” or the like, binding the Star so as to hover over that ultimate goal, so that guiding bump of direction may be of use to those who have no magick of their own, in the same manner as a “Compass Charm”. In this use the nature of the path illuminated by the “Star” is determined by the nature of the “bump” of direction the practitioner has achieved, depending on the dweomer from which it is derived (Charm of Direction, Way Finder, Path Finder).

In either expression, the “Guiding Star” appears in the sky as a mighty light, the brightest star in the firmament whose rays mark the way home or the direction to the location borrowed from the caster’s Divination. It may also be conjured in such a manner that it is visible to all, or with a few exceptions stipulated by the caster, or visible only to those stipulated at casting, but he must be sufficiently familiar with the basis for any such stipulations through previous personal experience, and each such element beyond the first to which it is specifically tuned to respond raises the casting DV on a Progressive basis. Otherwise it is visible only to the caster alone.

Like the Candle, the Guiding Star is specifically intended for use at night, and shows in the dark for a distance of [(caster’s MGA) + (POT)] miles.

When the skies are stormy or overcast the Star commands a window open in the clouds to allow its light to shine clear and bright and true. It can be seen in the midst of any storm, for the full distance regardless of whether night or day, though a flash of lightning can wash its light out completely for a few moments, now and then. The light of the “Star” may not be seen under the direct light of day, but at half the full night-time distance under gloomy, heavily overcast conditions or stormy conditions.

The “Conjure Guiding Star” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Spirit Guide” magick, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it and learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm may not be resisted.

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