Coordination (CRD)

Separate from a character’s overall AGL, CRD embodies a character’s fineness of physical control and motor skills. ALL activities that rely on skill of hand and hand-eye coordination (GM’s discretion) are described by CRD. This encompasses nimbleness and precision of foot in dance and fingers and hands in picking locks, embroidering, playing musical instruments or even handling a hammer in pounding out horseshoes – ALL handicrafts (GM’s discretion). CRD indicates one’s manual dexterity, finesse with tools, smoothness and lightness of touch, grace in small movements, the ability to accomplish critical detail-work. It influences the use of many finer skills, all Craftsman handicrafts – especially the decorative arts of the Artisan. It directly influences the casting times for the arts of all practitioners of Common and Low Magick, and those combat skills that involve swinging a weapon in some manner, including fisticuffs.

A character with a “1” CRD can take up to twenty minutes to wriggle into his hose in the morning, and heavens help him if he has to lace and tie his shoes up too! This is the kind of guy who can never seem to get his foot in the stirrup to mount a horse, pours half the jug of ale on the table before he hits the mug, and stabs himself with the needle repeatedly when sewing, AFTER the ordeal of threading that needle.

A character with a “25,” however, could tap out the fluctuating rhythms of a wild Celtic ring dance with one foot while smoothly, consistently, and gently rubbing his belly, patting his head in counterpoint to his foot, and also reciting his favorite limericks with panache and perfect meter!

CRD is equal to the average of AGL and AWA.