This skill is of prime importance to members of the Courtier and Courtesan trade. The skills of the Courtier often depend on putting on a grand display, providing a spectacle. It is most often the Courtiers’ penchant for display that makes them such a hit in high society. Courtiers are trained in the importance and uses of fashionable accessories, proper and particularly luxurious apparel and scent, and especially through manipulating a great knowledge of the proper and even creative uses of Cosmetics.

This knowledge enables a character to manipulate the recipient’s appearance to effect some rather subtle changes.

The most common use of this skill is to refine and perfect the recipient’s natural coloration in hair and complexion and, through manipulating highlights and shadows on the face, modeling and refining the apparent bone structure in more pleasing lines. This is the aspect most commonly used by the Courtier for everyday appearances and appearances at social events.

The knowledge encompassed by this skill is a little broader than just this, however. It can be used to change the hair color to any within the natural range, as desired and alter the impression of the recipient’s age, lowering the apparent age for those 30 and older no more than 10 years, or 5 years for those under 21, or adding no more than 5 years to of those under 21.

In addition, the complexion and even color of the skin can be changed as desired from as pale and fair as a Nordic Viking to Mediterranean olive, golden as an Asian, brown as a desert-dweller, or even as dark as a Nubian, with the proper variations to work on human, elf, dwarf, half-elf.

Eye color may not be changed except by the use of magick, however.

This skill can be used for the addition of a simple (fashionable) beauty mark, lacquering nails in fetching colors, addition of fine apparel and padding of curves, lifting and enhancing the bosoms of females, or bind and flatten them out, in effect either enhancing the recipient’s BTY score or roughening up the appearance to lower it.

The Cosmetics skill may not be used to effect any real change in the recipient’s physical dimensions, except for disguising up to 10lb’s of weight (reducing) or adding it by manipulating clothing, and adding no more than (raw STA ÷ 10) in’s of height.

Costuming and props that make any more substantial changes in apparent STA and Build are the province of the Masquer, NOT the Courtesan’s much more simple and limited Cosmetics skill.

Normally, the Courtier desires to be recognized for who he is when making public appearances, and simply uses his skill to refine and enhance his natural appearance, perhaps take off a few years by adding a bit of youthful glow. For everyday appearances, he will not want to display the full extent of his skill, perhaps keeping the enhancement down to just a few points of additional BTY (2-3). It is always wise to hold something back in reserve so he can truly stun and “WOW” society wags when he appears at the major and important seasonal events, truly testing the limits of his skill.

In the pursuit of his trade, the Courtesan is most commonly concerned with style and fashion and cosmetics in the enhancing of the appearance. IF the character also has the Rogue trade, however, he is well aware of the standards of appearance of the lower classes and what they expect to see among their own, and are quite capable of dirtying-up and dumpy-ing down his own or the recipient’s appearance in order to fit in among that crowd without standing out, especially to dull down one’s BTY score so as NOT to stand out.

In practice, the character chooses the number of points of BTY by which he enhances the recipient’s appearance, and the number of years he wishes to alter the recipient’s apparent age – if any – and this is the basis for the DV for the check to execute the application of the cosmetics.

The character may NOT exceed the limits of BTY for his race with this skill.

With a change in coloration and a change in effective BTY score, the recipient may not be readily recognized by those who not already know him, providing a similar effect to that of the Masquer skill, but accomplished by much more limited means.

A successful AWA check on d100 is needed for those who have seen him before to recognize him when the character makes any sort of extreme change in over all coloration, both in hair and skin.

When practiced upon others, any change in apparent BTY score by Cosmetics has but a limited duration, and deteriorates with time unless the one who applied the treatment OR someone who possess the skill is present to patch up the treatment as time wears it down.

One (1) point of the change wrought in BTY (regardless of whether increase or decrease) is lost after (Cosmetic SL of the one who applied it) mileways have passed, unless a character of equal or greater SL is allowed an opportunity to patch the recipient up.

IF not repaired, the recipient continues to lose additional points at a rate of one (1) point every (Cosmetic SL of the one who applied it) mileways, until the recipient’s own natural BTY score emerges or he is rescued and his appearance repaired.

IF the character with the Cosmetic skill is working on himself, a small mirror and the salient parts of his cosmetic kit used to create the treatment currently worn (which should fit in an average-sized purse) enables him to step aside every so often to maintain his appearance so he need have no fear that his appearance becomes compromised except by physical misadventure.

The decay of a Courtier’s facade at a social function would be quite an event, the subject of half-concealed titters and the butt of numerous cruel and pointed jokes. The character’s appearance is a great part of his reputation in society.

The att. mod. for all uses of the Cosmetics skill is based on the character’s CRD.

The DV for executing the cosmetics treatment planned by the character is Progressive based on the number of points added or subtracted, for each point.

To this the whole number of years of youth being restored should also be added, as well as the number of pounds of weight concealed and the number of inches by which the height is enhanced (as applicable). Changing the hair color should raise the DV according to the length of the hair, counting each of the steps on the table in character generation for determining hair length as one (1). Raw STA is figured in when skin color is altered.

The DV to recognize the recipient for who he is after his BTY has been raised is equal to the DV for the execution of the cosmetics treatment in the first place.


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