Direction Sense

Enables the character to accurately determine the direction of all the cardinal points on the compass, though he requires a check to determine whether he is able to keep to that direction strictly when traveling cross country, regardless of whether he is in familiar or foreign lands. The skill also enables the character to gauge the distances he travels to within [d10 – (1 per 4 SL’s)] furlongs, be it day or night. Each skill check for direction is good for roughly (SL) or (AWA ÷ 4) miles of travel, whichever is greater.

When the character is within (AWA) furlongs + (SL) miles of home (or party base of operations) this skill will enable him to determine the correct direction to any other location with which he is familiar through previous personal experience, though again he requires a check to determine whether he is able to keep to that direction strictly while travelling. If he misses, the skill grants him a d100 check to identify the problem and the attempt to discover how badly he has strayed by use of prominent landmarks, to determine proper direction and approximate distance, and thus correct his path.

This skill also enables the recipient to memorize the orders and directions of curves, twists, and turns made along his path when traveling, even when blindfolded, and enable him to attempt to judge the distances between so he can retrace his steps afterwards.

This skill also provides the character with sufficient sense of direction to be granted a d100 check to recognize routes traveled or unfamiliar locations visited in any place, foreign or familiar, when he returns to them or if he should stumble across them again in later wanderings, or to retrace his steps when desired.

Overcast weather may impair characters attempting to use this skill, as it depends largely upon the ability to consult the positions of the sun, moon, and familiar constellations for reference, though prevailing winds & breezes, a general knowledge of the terrain and country and the plant growth (mosses, mushrooms, growth of trees, etc.) of the area can help compensate. Those with a Direction Sense may easily orient themselves if they have access to a good map; having such a map can help eliminate the ill effects of overcast weather upon their skill. Should the character attempting the use of this skill be located underground, the only aspect of it that is of any avail to him is his ability to remember routes travelled so he can retrace his steps at need.

The att. mod. for the use of this skill is based upon the character’s AWA score, with a bonus based upon his Search Perception SL (to determine directions outdoors) or his Sentry Perception skill (to remember routes travelled), as applicable.


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