Displacement Glamour

Art: Glamourie

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

This charm cloaks the recipient in invisibility while shifting his visible appearance, his apparent location, so he appears to be anywhere within a circle of up to (POT) feet. Despite making the bearer invisible, the charm has no effect on the traces of his passing. It cannot hide footprints in snow or mud, or mud and dirt tracked indoors, handprints, the trail of water if he should get soaked, etc.

To avoid any unnatural appearance to the movements of the displaced image, the proximity of it to the bearer of the charm can be adjusted at will, and the image can be made to move independently of the bearer so long as the bearer remains still and devotes his concentration to controlling the image’s movements.

In a similar manner, applied to an object, the caster can put the object wherever he likes while pinning its appearance, its apparent location, anywhere within (POT) feet. This is commonly used to display treasured items out in plain sight while holding the actual physical object in a secure location, such as a “Wizard’s Closet”.

If it is not already in his repertoire, the “Displacement Glamour” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to the “Cloak of Confustication” magick, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it and learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm cannot be resisted unless applied to a living creature or being.

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