Dive (Aerial)

This sub-skill is available only to characters that are also equipped with the Aerial sub-skill of the Acrobat trade.

The Dive skill simply enables the character to execute a safely controlled dive from heights of up to [AGL + (AGL att. mod. x SL)] feet, to a maximum of (AGL or STR x 20) feet, whichever is greater (plus 5 per point by which the character’s STA is less than 20, OR minus 2 per point by which the character’s STA is greater than 20). It can also enable him to turn a fall from up to that height restriction into a dive or control his descent in such a way that he lands in the position he wants, back first (head and legs tucked), head first (with or without arms extended), feet first, etc., depending on what is waiting for him below. The height from which the character dives will dictate how deep the water must be for the character to complete the dive safely. All characters except those of the irdanni race must also have the Swim skill in order to learn the Dive skill.

Waters must be at least (STA ÷ 2) feet per 10 feet of height the character dives from, to a maximum requirement of (STA x 2) feet deep regardless of the height from which the character dives. If an irdanni character does not have the Swim skill as well, he obviously will not be able to use his skill for diving into water from flight.

The faster water is approached, the more important is making as small a point of entry to cut into it or breaking the surface with an object dropped just before diving is. Water can be as hard as cement if not approached correctly. Dropping a rock or similar heavy object just before diving to break the surface of the water just before entering may decrease the DV for the dive (GM’s discretion).

The att. mod. for exercising the Dive subskill is based on the character’s AGL score. When the character is executing the twists and rolls of the aerial acrobat in his dive, a bonus is added based upon the character’s Acrobat skill.


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