Draw Harm; Deflect Harm

Art: Enchantment, Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune (protection, magick), Mars (physical weapons),

Uranus (lightning)

Sphere: Common

This is a charm that affects the manner in which a threat of some sort moves when in its vicinity, the path it must take, either as a Magnet to Draw Harm OR to Deflect Harm.

The Magnet aspect diverts from its course some specified threat for the DUR, pulling it to the bearer of the charm. The threat can be any magick (or strictly specified by name or type) carrying up to (magickal damage) or broadened to encompass any energy (regardless of whether magickal or naturally occurring), any attack by a mundane melee weapon OR missile weapon, OR any at all dealing blows of (magickal damage) POT or less in combat, pulls any foe swinging a weapon within (POT) feet over to engage the bearer of the charm, instead, or bringing any missile loosed from any ranged weapon whose path crosses within (POT) yards as measured from the bearer of the charm, or any similar threat, draws them like magnet does iron so that the bearer of the charm becomes the target, instead.

Whether for lightning, or weapon strikes in battle, or attack magicks, whatsoever the caster tunes the charm to (as practical, that might conceivably be subject to this charm as described), in the same manner described under “Fine-Tuning a Magick”. This could apply not for all attack magicks indiscriminately, but certainly to any straight-up ranged attack magicks like Far Strike, or the various Dart magicks, etc.

When the bearer of the charm is targeted by any weapon or magick inflicting a blow of (magickal damage) POT or less that also requires a roll “to hit”, the Magnet charm eliminates the need for the roll, automatically guaranteeing it strikes true.

The aspects frequently referred to as Strike Magnet or Weapon Magnet and Dweomer Magnet are among the most common applications. When tuned to respond this way to lightning and similar electrical charges, it is called a Lightning Rod.

The Deflect aspect diverts from its course some specified threat for the DUR, also, BUT deflecting it away from him in a random direction to strike instead any object, creature or being that lies in that direction within up to (POT) yards (GM’s discretion). If nothing lies in that direction, it must hit the ground/floor.

The threat can be any of those described previously for the Magnet aspect, above, but the bearer of the charm must actually be the one that is expected to be hit, or destined to be hit if it is accidental, and equal to or less than (magickal damage) in the POT of any blow it may inflict before the charm can deflect it.

The aspects frequently referred to as Strike Deflection or Strike Warding and Dweomer Deflection are among the most common applications.

The charm endures until it has intervened up to (POT) times or the DUR expires, whichever occurs first. IF the charm intercepts a threat/blow greater than (magickal damage), the energy it can draw or deflect away is affected normally, but the balance continues on its path or hits the bearer, normally. This breaks the charm as surely as if it had been dispelled.

IF the optional DUR rules are in play, the charm may endure as long as the dweomer is maintained at the caster’s pleasure, intervening without limitation.

The “Deflect” aspect of this charm provides the practitioner with a bridge to the Noble SphereReflect Harm” charm, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it such that he may learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice if it is not already in his repertoire.

If directed at or applied to creatures and/or beings, this charm can be resisted normally.