Enchant Light

Art: Naming, Glamourie

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sphere: Common

Enchant Light” enables the caster to increase or decrease the output of light from either up to (POT) specific light sources within RNG or the level of naturally occurring ambient light present within or entering into the AoE designated at the time of casting. The Enchantment may be used to multiply even dim starlight until bright enough to read by or even as bright as daylight, or divide broad daylight or even bright direct sunlight down into a romantic twilight or light as dim as starlight, or any effect in between. The effects of enhanced light doesn’t simply cease at the edge of the AoE, but bleeds over, declining at a rate of 1 point of POT per yard beyond its limits. In game terms, the Glare penalty of direct sunlight determined by the GM may be increased by up to (POT) by the brightening aspect of the dweomer, OR the Gloom penalty of dim lighting increased by the same amount by the darkening aspect. In the same vein, the darkening aspect may be used to take any Glare penalties down at a rate of 1 per point of (POT) and any remaining POT used to bring the level of light down past the range of comfort to impose Gloom penalties at the same rate, OR the brightening aspect may be used to ease any Gloom penalties at the same rate and any remaining POT used to bring the level of light up past the range of comfort to the point of imposing Glare penalties.

In any event, should the resulting penalty from Gloom or Glare exceed any character’s AWA, or effective AWA in regards to the sense of sight, that character is rendered effectively blind. Blindness due to POT of Glare leaves a character’s eyes residually dazzled once the dweomer has been dismissed or shelter taken from it for [(POT) – (P-RES)] CS’s afterwards, minimum one (1).

If the “Blinding Flash” is not already in the practitioner’s repertoire, as well, the “Enchant Light” skill provides the practitioner with a bridge to it, giving him the means and background to research it and develop a treatise on it and learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice.

This charm may not be resisted. See the notes regarding the resistance of glamourie under “Magick in Play”.

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