Enchant Sound

Art: Naming, Glamourie

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

Enchant Sound” enables the caster to heighten, lessen, or completely mask any sound created by up to (POT) sources within RNG or the level of natural ambient sound, no matter how loud or faint the sound, present within or entering into the AoE designated at the time of casting. The caster may choose whether the effects of the dweomer apply only to his own ears, only to the ears of up to (POT) others specified at the time of the casting, or to all within the AoE or entering there for the DUR.

Enchanted sounds may either be amplified to the point where they mask other sounds, providing a DV equal to POT for an AWA/Perceive check which must be successfully rolled on d100 in order to hear other sounds or noises through the din, or muted to the point where the dweomer will again provide a DV against which an AWA/Perceive check must be successfully rolled on d100 in order to hear, OR adjusted to any volume in between.

IF the POT of any sound affected by the magick exceed any character’s AWA, or effective AWA in regards to the sense of hearing, that sound may effectively be silenced completely or deafen the character concerned, as applicable, able to hear nothing else while the sound endures. The deafness continues for (amount of time subjected to the amplified sound) + [(POT) – (P-RES), minimum one] in CS’s afterwards.

The frequency with which the source generates the sound affected will determine the repetition of the effect in the AoE, as applicable.

The effects the “Sound” dweomer creates will comprise a real and physical force which any characters within the vicinity will feel palpably on their skin, reverberating in their chests if the POT is greater than their (modified) STA. When the POT is greater than [(modified) STA x 2] it has a physical impact sufficient to cause damage not only to creatures and beings but also to objects, especially those that are fragile, in the same manner as the concussion from a “Thunderclap” of a POT equal to the amount by which it is greater.

The effects of enhanced sounds do not simply cease at the edge of the AoE, but will bleed over, declining at a rate of 1 point of POT per foot each creature or being is located beyond its limits.

This charm may not be resisted. See the notes regarding the resistance of glamourie under “Magick in Play”.

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