Enchanted Items: Attunement & Ownership

Every magick a Wizard casts is in tune with his vibration, impressed upon it when he imposed his will upon it to use it in weaving that dweomer, that is the reason behind the allowances for gaining such intimate knowledge of the caster through his magicks in the upper LoA’s of the “Read Magick” dweomer. The same is true of Touchstones and the information that can be gleaned from them about the maker. Like the “Power Cache” magick itself, once cast it carries only the caster’s vibration, and so can only be used by him until attuned to the vibration of another Wizard and claimed by him for his use. The same will be true of Talismans, and some Amulets as well.

Even though a magick that has been tied-off has no thread of Power connecting directly to the caster, and a Touchstone will not have one either, being permanent in nature and thus tied-off (unless only of temporary DUR by design), all such magicks will be saturated with the caster’s vibration, tied to him with a class 1 bond of Correspondence.

In order for a Wizard to be able to add any of these to his repertoire or magickal tool chest for any useful purpose, they must bear his vibration. As mentioned under “Natural Sources of Mortal Mana”, previously, those sources must be attuned or the owner must wait until the object or substances become saturated with the vibration of the Wizard as owner.

No Touchstone, natural source of mana, Talisman, Amulet, “Power Cache”, “Dweomer Cache”, or similar magickal tool or device may be claimed for a Wizard’s use until he has taken it and wrested the vibration of it away from the caster or creator or previous owner (as applicable) and brought it into harmony with his own vibration. This process is called Attunement. Until they have been attuned, they will just look real nice hanging on the wall, there – useless to him.

Attunement requires a series of d100 checks to accomplish, called a Contested Roll.

The AV for this check will be equal to the usurping Wizard’s trade SL with att. mod’s based on the Wizard’s HRT and MGA scores.


The DV for this check will be equal to the POT the Touchstone is able to carry, plus the SL at which the Cache was cast and att. mod’s based on the previous owner’s HRT and MGA scores. For Caches, magicks, or other magickal items, the DV will be equal to the POT of the dweomer or object being attuned, plus the SL of any foundation magicks (“Power Cache” or “Dweomer Cache”, “Magick Charm”, etc., GM’s discretion), plus the same att. mod’s.


The number of dice rolls needed to determine the outcome of a Contested Roll is determined by the results of the rolls as they are made. For this purpose, the GM will determine the original percentage chance of success, using the AV and DV above normally, according to Chapter 1. of Part III. the Rules of The Game in the GHB I.

IF the first roll is successful, the AV is added to the chance of success again and the Wizard player rolls again.

IF the roll is failed, the DV is subtracted again and the Wizard player rolls again vs. the lower percentage.

This continues, the AV being added again for each successful roll, the DV being subtracted again for each roll failed, until either the percentage chance is raised to 100% or higher by successful rolls (indicating the Wizard was successful in attuning the Touchstone) or the percentage chance is reduced to 0% or less by failed rolls (indicating the Touchstone successfully resisted the usurper’s attempt at attunement).

Each d100 check made will assume one (1) Action in tactical time, and will cost the Wizard (DV) WND. Once begun, the Wizard cannot stop until either he has reached 100% or the Touchstone has defeated him by reducing the percentage chance to zero.

IF the practitioner is short on WND he may tap the mana in his personal reservoir for additional WND at a 1 : 1 ratio.

IF he has a natural source of mortal mana or a Touchstone or other item containing power (Master Work or Master’s Tool(s) or even an enchanted item containing a pool of POT (“Power Cache” as a part of the foundation enchantments) already attuned for his use, the mana in it can be drawn out and used for WND at the same ratio.

Otherwise, there are a couple of options among the skills of Sorcery that might get the practitioner through the process.

IF the practitioner has a strong will (HRT) his P-RES might be high enough to enable him to use WND, FTG, and even CND to get through this process without having to seek additional WND elsewhere.

The player and GM are reminded that the relative “weight” of Greater Sphere magicks is double that of Lesser Magicks, and this applies to and that of Exalted Sphere magicks have double the “weight” of Greater Sphere magicks, four times the “weight” of Lesser Sphere magicks, and this applies specifically to the POT of dweomers the practitioner attempts to wrest away, to Attune and impress with his own vibration, to claim for his own use.

In addition, the practitioner will have no power or ability to even attempt to Attune any magick or item which contains magick of a Sphere beyond that which he has the power and knowledge to wield. Until he has reached sufficient rank and knowledge (trade SL) to wield the Greater Sphere of Power, and especially the Exalted Sphere, he will have NO chance, power or ability to lay claim to any magicks of those Spheres so as to make them his own by Attunement, any more than he could cast them.