Ensorcel Movement

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars (enhance), Saturn (diminish), Moon (swimming)

Sphere: Common

This charm may be used to either increase or decrease the rate of speed the target creature(s) being(s) can achieve under their own power when travelling from point to point by up to (POT) miles per hour OR his Leap distance by up to (POT) feet, his Running Leap by the same amount PLUS the normal effect of the increase or decrease in movement speed for the lead run (according to the allowance described in Character Creation), but Jump height only by (POT) feet, for the DUR.

This affects either the target’s Sprint Speed on the ground (“Fleet Foot” or “Swift–”, or “Dawdling Feet” or “Lameness”), his Swimming Speed if he has the knowledge and ability to swim (“Wavecutter” or “Floundering Charm”), or his flight speed in the air for those who have the power of flight (“Swift Wing” or “Wing Clipper”), OR may be used to affect the target’s Jump, Leap, and Running Leap (“Power Leap” or “Stag’s Leap”, or “Leaden Feet”) alone, or in combination with his ground movement rates. The enhancement of movement gives the recipient a feeling of lightness in movement, while the diminishment makes the target feel like he is moving against an invisible force which is holding him back, his limbs mired, such as might be experienced in a bad dream.

The dweomer affects only the target’s maximum rate of the particular movement rate being affected, allowing the recipient to travel faster for the same amount of Wind normally charged to travel at his swiftest rate. Because the magick only affects the character’s speed in regards to movement from point to point, it does not affect the character’s Initiative in combat, nor his RoA. It merely increases or decreases the distance he may travel when he gains the Initiative to act in the movement phase of play.

In regards to diminishing the target’s movement rate, this dweomer has no power to reduce his movement to zero (0) mph, to prevent the target(s) entirely from moving. If the dweomer has the POT to reduce the target’s movement rate to less than 1 mph, that last mph should be broken down further, to yards per minute (28), and any remaining POT subtracted in yards, minimum one (1) yard per minute (6 CS’s). This should be converted to tactical Pulse Move in scale as the game situation requires.

In addition, the “Power Leap” aspect does NOT guarantee the recipient a safe landing any more than any normal leap; the character must make an AGL or Acrobat check on d100 as applicable for any other leap. In the water, the “Power Leap” becomes the “Salmon’s Leap”, granting the ability to swim at speed to the surface and “breach” like a whale, dolphin, shark or other swift marine animal and rise (swimming speed in mph) feet above the surface before falling back into the water.

The benefit to the recipient’s speed when swimming underwater is only half that granted when the recipient is swimming on the surface. This dweomer has NO power to bestow skill at swimming as described by the Swimmer Petty Skill. IF the character is not already skilled in swimming this dweomer can avail him nothing in the water. In addition, this dweomer does NOT grant the ability to breathe water, requiring those choosing to swim in an underwater mode to surface in order to hold their breath, normally.

See also the Swimmer and Diver Petty Skill descriptions, as needed.

The dweomer can affect one (1) aspect of movement alone with a single casting (leaping & jumping OR foot speed OR swimming speed). To affect more than one type of movement rate, additional castings must be assayed.

For use in combat, the altered movement rates need to be translated to scale movement, for which the table in Character Creation has been provided.

This charm may be resisted normally.

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