Far Flight OR Earthbound Missile

Art: Enchantment, Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Sphere: Common

This charm alters the range of any hurled object or missile fired or loosed by either adding [(HRT) + (POT)] feet or [(HRT) x (POT)] yards (Far Flight) or subtracting [(HRT) + (POT)] feet or [(HRT) x (POT)] yards (Earthbound), to or from its normal range. Whether the dweomer’s effect is to be implemented in feet or yards is determined by the units in which the item’s RNG is normally quoted, according to the details of ranged weapons noted in the tactical rules and Appendix H.

This dweomer does NOT have any effect whatsoever upon the AV “to hit” the target, merely extends the reach of the (hurled) weapon or missile. This dweomer is focused on the distance covered and in no way affects the speed the object travels (nor thereby the damage inflicted). Alternately, this aspect of the charm may also be used to increase by (POT) the number of times a creature, being, or object with a propensity to bounce (resilient materials and/or ball-like shapes, GM’s discretion) in response to a fall or on landing after being hurled and also add (POT) to the distance it bounces. This directly affects that aspect of a “Bloat” magick (as applicable).

The reverse aspect of the magick, “Earthbound Missile”, reduces the distances that objects, creatures or beings may be hurled or fired, perhaps to be applied to opponents’ missile weapons, effectively reducing their ranges by (HRT x POT) feet or yards. If that range is reduced to zero or less, that object will be pulled to the ground by the dweomer within the first foot or yard (as applicable).

As an Enchantment, in the case of missile weapons (slings, bows, mangonels, catapults, atlatls/sling-staves, etc.) either the missile itself (arrow, shot, quarrel, etc.) may be affected, or the weapon used to fire it, at the caster’s discretion. Applied to a missile or hurled weapon with a DUR that has been tied off, the dweomer will affect the use of the missile the first (POT) times while the dweomer endures. If the dweomer is being maintained at the caster’s pleasure, it will allow the missile/weapon to be so used as often as desired and as many times as desired while it endures.

Strange though such a use might be, this dweomer may be cast as a Sorcery, to affect a living creature or being so it may be fired (from a catapult or ballista, for instance, which would require that the Art of Naming be used for the casting, or hurled by a large and strong compatriot) a much longer distance. Damage from impact on landing becomes a primary concern with this use however. The distance traveled becomes the basis for the DV for making an AGL check to land as desired.

This dweomer may only be resisted when cast upon living creatures and beings.

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