Flame Dart

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sphere: Common

This charm is available only to practitioners aligned with Fire by birthsign.

The Flame Dart charm brings into being up to (POT) scintillating darts of shimmering white-hot fire that instantly streak forth from the caster’s up-raised hand to strike any target(s) in RNG (sight) with crackling hissing flames, inflicting wounds of up to (magickal damage) in POT.

If the caster is making more than one Dart, the POT of the wound each inflicts is determined by dividing (magickal damage) as evenly as possible between them, but they may each be targeted at a different foe.

If more than one Dart is created, the first to fly requires no roll “to hit”. For every other target at whom the caster wishes to aim a Dart from that same casting, a roll “to hit” must be made using the casting AV and the target’s Dodge in a Contested roll, according to the rules for making strikes in battle, normally.

The (magickal damage) POT of the blow inflicted with each Dart is deducted directly and only from the DR of any armor worn by the victim until it is burned away (as applicable), before any wounds can be delivered. Two (2) points of the POT are spent in charring through a single layer of normal clothing where touched, the balance inflicting a wound on the target in accordance with the target’s threshold, as defined in the rules for combat. Coming into contact with paper or cloth with 5 points of POT or more causes those items to flash-over into open flame, creating another set of concerns entirely.

The target takes no wound unless the DR of his armor is exhausted and there is yet POT left from the blow to dispose of (as applicable). However, these Darts have no power of impact to cause Knock-back in the manner that a common mundane weapon blow does, according to the rules for armed combat.

This Dart travels at the same speed as an arrow, striking any target within 3000ft. by the end of the CS in which it was fired. Up to 6000ft. the target is not hit until the following CS, and so on.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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