Game Face (Open)

The Game Face, or in modern terms, the Poker Face, is totally inscrutable, mysterious, so completely neutral and devoid of emotion that it is not readily understood or easily read. The Game Face protects the character from revealing his thoughts, feelings, or reactions to the situations around him or betraying the impact of information that may be emotionally upsetting. It is the foil for the Presence skill of the Interviewer, or the perceptive skill of Savvy.

This is a passive skill, like a Defense in armed combat it provides the DV against which others may try their Interviewer and/or Savvy skills. The character’s AV with this skill will in fact provide the DV for others to try to glean information from his reactions.

If the player forgets his character’s skill and betrays some of these signs in the midst of roleplay, the GM could take the reaction as read and have the NPC’s involved react in turn as appropriate, according to the gravity of the breach of etiquette and the solemnity of the occasion. On the other hand, the GM can ask the player if he wants the reaction to stand as it came out and if he wishes to take it back could require a check vs. the character’s own HRT, out of the depths of which such a reaction would have come, before he will allow it to have been smothered before it could escape the character’s mouth. Some players may not want to recant their reactions. The check option to suppress is recommended.

The att. mod. for the use of this skill is based upon the character’s HRT score.

GM’s Notes: The players shouldn’t have to be so much on their guard that they aren’t allowed to react sincerely as spectators to the situations their character land in. Regardless of their being in charge of their characters, they cannot be their characters in fact, and thus will likely be viewing the situation like a movie in their minds, and probably not even from their character’s point of view, in order that they have a chance to see their characters, themselves, in action. As a game, it is important that the players be allowed some opportunities to enjoy themselves.


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