Getting Hit: Stunned by Pain

Getting knocked about in battle by one’s foes is not the only danger in battle.

When the POT remaining of any blow that makes it through a character’s armor is greater than his P-RES, a successful P-RES check must be made vs. a Progressive DV based on the number of points by which it is greater, per point, in order to maintain consciousness in the face of blinding sense-numbing pain.

Success allows him to remain conscious, however, a HRT check must be made vs. the same DV in order to marshal his faculties and fight through the pain.

Failing the HRT check leaves the character shrouded in a fog of pain, Stunned and a bit dazed to such an extent that he is subject to a Progressive penalty based on the points by which the POT exceeded his P-RES, per point, to be applied to his AV’s for all tasks attempted. This penalty applies to his Initiative, as well, and also added in determining the time required to complete any action (added to the DV which forms the basis for determining time requirements for skills, according to the applicable skill description). Characters Stunned in this way cannot make any fancy maneuvers like compound movements, especially anything from the Acrobat repertoire, constrained to making the least confrontational, most prudent response to their situations. Movement-based actions are favored. Acts made in self-defense, such as actual defenses offered with Weapon skills, Shield skill, Dodges and the like are only made if they cannot be avoided, as impaired as the character is.

The Stun penalty declines by half at the end of every CS following until it rounds to zero (0) and the character’s head is finally clear.

Success in the HRT check allows the character to manage the pain well enough to function relatively normally, at half the penalty noted above.

Unconsciousness, and penalties due to pain and Stun can be alleviated by the judicious application of magick or healing herbs.