Glimmerfoot (-hoof), Hot-Trod, Path Tracer, Wizard Tail, Thief-Marker OR Untraceable Path, Traceless Path, Trail Eraser

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury (Glimmerfoot), Neptune (Untraceable Path)

Sphere: Common

The “Glimmerfoot” charm is directly related to and derived from the ”Read” skill specifically that aspect relating to “Read Contagion, Resonance”. IF the character has learned the “Read” skill and is not trained in this one, he may research the “Glimmerfoot” (etc.) skill and develop it on his own from his “Read” skill. “Glimmerfoot” tracked separately in SL during play, according to the use it gets, normally, BUT does NOT require a skill slot of its own in the character’s trade memory but is considered as part and parcel of the “Read” skill for that purpose.

The “Glimmerfoot” dweomer rims or limns the hoof-prints, footprints, or hand-prints, every trace of touch of hand, foot or body of the recipient creature(s) or being(s) (as appropriate to its mode of travel or type of contact) in a soft, glittering Færie-like glow, painted over with a phantasmal burning Balefire, or vibrant crimson like blood or paint (player’s discretion) wherever he touches the world as he goes about his way, every brush, smear and trail showing the vibrational Contagion he spreads to everything with which he comes into contact, enabling the caster to trace his movements. When the subject of this magick is followed by use of the mundane skills of a Tracker who cannot see the trail marked by the magick, the dweomer actually enhances the physical trail-signs, reducing the DV by (POT).

This aspect of the magick is referred to as a “Hot-Trod” charm, after the right of every citizen and especially those officers charged with keeping the law to pursue any malefactor by the Hue and Cry, especially in the event that the crime was personally witnessed. The “Red-Hand” name is a reference to Forest Law, and the blood of the poached beast marking the hands of the trespasser, while “Thief-Marker” refers to one of the charm’s most common uses. Regional differences in the name by which a charm is known are very common.

The glittering glow or phantasmal balefire or appearance of bloody smears resulting from the dweomer are visible only to the caster and all practitioners of the Arts or possessing “The Sight” Spirit Skill.

The Færie-like glow or phantom Balefire of the charm can be seen best at night or in dimly lit or dark places, where each hoof, foot, or hand-print glows with the light of (POT) candles, half that in daylight under overcast skies. In broad daylight the marks of the dweomer are visible only by contrast and then only from roughly up to (POT) feet away. The residue of the charm remains for DUR or, if the optional DUR rules are in play, so long as the caster chooses to maintain it.

The “Untraceable Path” dweomer is for hiding what the “Glimmerfoot” is designed to expose. It smoothes over and hides all physical traces of the passage of all creatures or beings to whom this protection is extended, hiding all tufts and threads snagged by building, fencepost, nettle or briar along his path, or preventing them to be left behind in the first place, smoothing over all impressions left in soft earth or even mud, putting a spring into bent and broken grasses, saplings, bushes, branches and the like so they are lifted back into place to make it look to the untrained eye as if none had ever walked that path, from the point in time the dweomer is bestowed for the DUR as allowed by the POT if the dweomer is tied-off, normally, or as long as the caster chooses to maintain it, if the optional DUR rules are in play. Against the skills of a trained Tracker, the dweomer provides a DV equal to the [(POT) + (MGA att. mod.)] to discover any traces of those traveling under the magick’s protection.

Being two sides of the same force, the two aspects of the charm may be used to “Oppose” one another.

This aspect of the charm may also be used as a “Trail Eraser”, to erase the recipient’s back-trail in addition to hiding any further traces of his passing and marks made by his presence for the DUR. The dweomer can erase all traces of the recipient’s movements for (DUR) time as allowed by POT, but counted back through time into the past from the point in time of the dweomer’s casting, for the recipient’s benefit. It is up to the caster to use enough POT to make the DUR into the past yield a significant or useful period of time, and therefore distance in regards to his trail. This provides the same protection already described, the [(POT) + (MGA att. mod.)] DV against which a d100 check must be successfully made in order to pierce the effects of the dweomer.

This dweomer may be resisted normally.

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