Whether it is to temporarily eliminate the danger of an inconveniently placed guard, to avoid being discovered by the master or mistress of the house, or even for a simple mugging, this special skill may come in handy. Head-Koshing is used to knock the unsuspecting victim out cold without causing him any hurt beyond a raging headache..

Head-Kosh require a D100 check vs. the subject’s Defense DV like any other attack roll. The target of the Head-Kosh need not be taken by Surprise (according to those rules), though surprise is often used to maximize chances of success (lower the DV), especially when the assailant wants to protect the secret of his identity from his victim. The Head Kosh may be used on those wearing (cloth) head gear. The DR of any armor worn on the head is added to the DV (as applicable, but the effective DR is reduced by (l per 4 SL’s) for purposes of exercising this skill against it.

Victims of the Head- Kosh are rendered unconscious for the following [(attacker’s STR + SL) – (victim’s STA att. mod. + AWA att. mod.)] CS’s. Victims successfully knocked unconscious are groggy and disoriented on regaining consciousness after being Head-Koshed, effectively Stunned for (SL) actions after regaining consciousness, in the same manner described for combat.

If the D100 check for the attack is failed or the resulting figure for the number of actions the victim is unconscious is zero or less, the victim is not rendered unconscious at all, but is Stunned instead.

The use of this ability assumes that the character has some sort of blunt weapon in hand. If the character has no such weapon, he may improvise, but it must be relatively small and blunt to avoid undue injury with the strike, such as a small bottle, a pouch full of coins, a stout stick, the hilt or butt of a weapon, the freed leg of a stool or chair, or the like.

When working under the general confusion and whirlwind of action found in melee, the difficulty of Head Koshing, like Assassination Strikes, is raised by one for every creature and being beyond the Assassin’s [(AWA + trade SL) ÷ 4] in number in the melee. This penalty also applies when Hurling Head Kosh attacks into a melee situation at range.

The att. mod. for use of the Head-Kosh is based on the character’s STR and CRD scores, plus the size rating of the weapon used.

IF the character is Hurling the weapon for a Head-Kosh at distance, the att. mod. is based solely on his CRD score. Improvised weapons of roughly 6 in. in overall size do not add any weapon size AV bonus.


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