Heroic Appetites: Trencherman, Master of Cups OR Finicky Belly

Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Venus

Sphere: Noble

The “Heroic Appetites” charm is divided into the “Trencherman” and “Master of Cups” on the enhancing side and “Finicky Belly” aspect. The first two aspects increase the recipient’s capacity either for food (“Trencherman”), or for drink (“Master of Cups”), giving him the proverbial “hollow leg”. The “Master of Cups” aspect expanding the recipient’s physical capacity to swallow liquids in specific, and additionally provides protection from the effects of alcohol, shielding him from metabolizing up to (charm POT) in POT of alcohol.

In effect, the “Trencherman” multiplies the amount of food the recipient can comfortably consume in a single sitting (c. 1/3rd his normal daily requirement as dictated by STA) by the (charm POT). Note that this is not how much he either needs or wants, but merely how much he CAN comfortably consume by virtue of the dweomer.

Once the recipient has consumed these extraordinary amounts, the dweomer acts as a buffer holding the excess food or drink until it is processed. Until all that he has consumed has been processed, the recipient has no need of food or drink (according to which it is he has consumed in such heroic quantities). With a POT of 10, the recipient might consume the equivalent of 30 meals, and not have to eat again for 10 days while he digests it.

As the food/drink consumed is processed, that capacity is freed up for the recipient to indulge again, as often as desired so long as the dweomer endures.

The opposite of this charm, the “Finicky Belly” reduces the amount of food or drink the target can comfortably consume. If the required amount dictated in the Victuals section of the Equipment Roster is taken as the minimum that an individual must consume, the charm will reduce the amount of food per day the target can consume to a mere fraction of that, the target’s maximum capacity being determined by dividing that minimum requirement by the (POT). The target still needs the normal amount of time to process this smaller amount, however, as if he had consumed a full portion as his body normally requires. If this is maintained for a long enough period of time, the body reacts as if fasting, and eventually as if starving (GM’s discretion), according to the rules provided in the GM’s Toolbox.

This charm can be resisted normally.

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