With the Juggling skill, the character is able to attempt to keep a number of objects in the air simultaneously in any number of different patterns. The actual objects juggled and their Sizes aren’t really all that important as long as they are easily handled and the character can get a good grip on them (GM’s discretion). The player must also make sure that the weights of all of the objects juggles fall within a [(CRD + SL) ÷ 4] pound range, from lightest to heaviest and the objects all fall within a Size range of (CRD ÷ 4) from smallest to largest. Violating these limits increases the DV in a Progressive manner, per point of Size as well as per pound beyond the range of variance allowed.

The DV for juggling is based on the number of objects juggled, the differences in their sizes (as applicable), and increase if they can only be safely handed in a particular way, like knives, torches, or the like, and rises when juggling objects heavier than roughly 10% of a character’s STR score in weight each.

If desired, the character may join in with up to others in juggling and share his act but this raises the DV in a Progressive manner, and the overall AV is reduced to that of the lowest in the group.

The att. mod. for Juggling is based on the character’s CRD score.

GM’s Notes: The DV for Juggling is equal to the number of objects handled, plus the Progressive DV penalties when the restrictions on the range in which the Size and weights of the objects must fall from greatest to least.

Oblong or eccentric oblong shapes may be rounded down if they are particularly light and those more solid objects nearer circle/sphere of square/cube in shape may be rounded up, at the GM’s discretion.


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