This covers another of the Sailor’s, Huntsman’s and/or Woodsman’s areas of knowledge. The subject matter of the skill need not be treated in any depth or detail unless it pleases the player (not the GM) to do so. The player and the GM need not know the names of the knots used – the names can be made up as play progresses if desired – otherwise, it should be assumed that the character knows what sort of knot to use for which task and simply uses it as a matter of course, at need.

The PC decides how intricate and strong a knot is when he chooses to exercise this skill, up to his SL + (CRD att. mod. + STR att. mod.). Whenever one of his knots is tested against a weight, when hoisting freight or rappelling, or the like, the DV with which the knot may be untied is used for a Contested Roll vs. the STR and CRD att. mod’s and any skill on the part of the one who would untie it.

Whenever anyone but the character himself tries to untie one of his knots, the GM should require a CRD check for success and the DV is equal to that set by the character who tied the knot, up to a number equal to his AV with this skill. For the character to untie another’s knot he will have the same AV as that to tie knots.

The att. mod. for most uses of this skill is based on the character’s CRD, but for untying knots his STR att. mod. is added, as well.


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