Lightning Call

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Sphere: Common

This charm can only be cast in an area that is open to the outdoors, and more specifically open to the sky above – at the very least, any indoors chamber must have a door or doorway or at least a window standing open. At the GM’s discretion, the practitioner might Call the lightning down in an outdoor location that has a somewhat obscured view of the sky, such as a forest clearing or glade. There must also be at least a few clouds in the sky for the charm to pull overhead from which to Call the lightning, in any event.

The Lightning Call summons the clouds overhead and darkens them to storm clouds, charges them and then pulls the lightning down from them.

The caster need not make any roll “to hit” his target. The speed of the Bolt is effectively instantaneous. If any are present to set something up or step between the sky and his target, they must do so with an Initiative at least one (1) point higher than the caster’s own in the CS in which the Bolt is loosed. If the Pulse Movement rules are in play, the target’s salvation must be in place no later than the Pulse corresponding to the caster’s Initiative.

The Bolt inflicts a wound of up to (magickal damage) in POT (caster’s discretion), in the same manner as a physical blow, as described in the rules for combat, but disposed of as follows, instead.

The (magickal damage) POT of the blow inflicted is deducted directly and only from the DR of any armor worn by the victim until it is burned away (as applicable), before any wounds can be delivered. Two (2) points of the Lightning Hand’s damage are spent in charring through a single layer of normal clothing where touched, the balance inflicting wounds on the target in accordance with the target’s threshold, as defined in the rules for combat. Coming into contact with paper or cloth with 5 points of POT or more causes those items to flash-over into open flame, creating another set of concerns entirely.

The target takes no wound unless the DR of his armor is exhausted and there is yet POT left from the blow to dispose of (as applicable). The Bolt does have a powerful physical effect however, in that the POT of the blow is used to measure Knock-back in the same manner, according to the rules for armed combat, normally.

Regardless of whether any wound(s) is inflicted by it, the shocking nature of the Lightning Hand reduces the victim’s effective AWA, AGL and also CRD by whatever (magickal damage) POT is gets through to affect the target (as applicable). This affects all Weapon, Shield and Dodge AV’s, Acrobat, and any and all other skill or ability AV’s with att. mod’s based on the penalized attributes. This penalty declines by one (1) point at the end of evach CS following until the score is completely restored.

In addition to the effects of the Bolt striking a target directly in this way, it leaves in its wake a Thunderclap equal in force and effect to the charm of the same name, of POT equal to the Bolt. The origins of the Thunderclap in this case is equal to the entire line drawn straight from the caster to his target, however, rather than just from the single point of the caster’s joined hands, as is the case in the casting of the Thunderclap alone. The concussion wave and Knock-back effects radiate directly outward purpendicular to that line, diminished by the distance from that line, as explained in the Thunderclap description, normally. Deafness and Stun results are determined and applied in accordance with that description also, and recovery, as well.

IF the practitioner does not already know it, the “Lightning Call” charm provides him with the key to unlock the secrets of focusing this dweomer further by his own efforts and research, the means and background providing a bridge to the Noble SphereForked Lightning” charm, enabling him to develop and put together a treatise on either of these sufficient for him to learn it by virtue of his own studies and practice and thus add it to his repertoire.

The form of Forked Lightning charm this yields is a direct adaptation of the Lightning Call, above,conforming to the same restrictions and requirements on its use due its being called from the sky, rather than being horizontal in nature, a conjuration of Wizardry.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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