Magick Charm

Art: Naming

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Sphere: Common

The “Magick Charm” brings forth the spiritual nature of any object, substance or material, opening up its spiritual aspect so it can be defined and become manifest.

In the passages under the heading “The Substances of Magick” the magickal properties associated with any number of herbs, gems and jewels, trees, bushes, bits and pieces of animals, and a number of other assorted items are provided, as passed down through folklore over the centuries. These are real and true in the context of the game and the game world, unless the GM rules otherwise, but are considered latent in nature, requiring the application of magick to awaken and make manifest.

The “Magick Charm” is the magickal means used to awaken these latent magickal properties so they may be manifested for use.

IF an object, substance or material has more than one latent power inherent in it according to its description, the practitioner must choose which one he is awakening by means of this charm. Only one may be awakened for any given object of a given material.

The practitioner may awaken as many latent magickal properties as are listed for a given object, substance or material, BUT each one must be called forth by a separate casting.

When the Magick Charm is performed by means of Low Magick (ritual), it results in (an) object(s) that is permanently “on”, so to speak, always in force, as described in the passage on “Enchanted Items & Immortal Enchantments”, unless the property awakened is more of the nature of some sort of attack magick that must be hurled or otherwise initiated at a target of some sort (GM’s discretion). In this case, the awakened magick might be tapped (POT) times at the POT of the Magick Charm that awakened it, to wither and crumble away to dust upon its final use as the last of its power is drained away.

If the Magick Charm is performed by Common or High Magick, however, the awakened power becomes subject to the strictures of DUR normally, according to the POT manifest and the practitioner’s desires, again withering and crumbling away to dust upon as the last of its power is drains away when the DUR expires.

Such objects, substances or materials have no need of being “Attuned” once their power is awakened. Their benefits can be realized by whomsoever carries it, whether trained in the Arts of magick or not.

The use of the “magick Charm must also be applied to awakening the “mortal mana” lying dormant within various sorts of natural substances, as described under “The Tools of Power”, under the heading “Natural Sources of Mortal Mana” so that their native power may be tapped in the manner of a Touchstone, but in this case it only requires the minimum POT to encompass the physical object. The POT of mana within them are dictated by their size or concentration/purity, according to their descriptions. These are the only objects/substances that can be used as Touchstones with the use of a Magick Charm of minimal POT, without the need of a Power Cache charm as well, and retain that Touchstone status permanently.

Whatever latent magickal power is awakened in the object substance or material, it manifests at a POT equal to the POT of the Magick Charm that wakened it, and that aspect of its power may be described by means of the magick that most closely expresses that power, OR in whatever manner most closely matches the described power, at the GM’s discretion.

When an existing description of a magick is adapted for use in defining the latent power of an object, material or substance so awakened, or the GM comes up with his own description of the manner in which the latent power manifests in use, it is very important that the GM make a note of this so he may be consistent with its application throughout the course of his game.

Plant matter awakened in this manner stays fresh and green (as applicable), flowers and/or fruit fresh and aromatic (as applicable), for so long as their power endures.

This charm cannot be resisted.