Malleable Charm, Supple Charm OR Charm of Stiffening

Art: Enchantment, Naming

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Sphere: Common

The “Charm of Stiffening” takes the flexibility out of those substances that are malleable or flexible by nature. It can make clothes or even jointed plate armor more difficult to move in, to the point where they become an immoveable prison, each movement attempted including even the most basic (GM’s discretion) requiring a successful STR check on D100 vs. the POT of the dweomer plus the caster’s HRT att. mod., and will be considered one step in assaying a Contested STR Roll against the dweomer. One roll per action, according to the victim’s RoA, will be allowed until the Contested Roll is completed.

For those characters run under Intermediate or Advanced rules, each roll against the dweomer in resolving the Contested Roll costs the victim (DV) BP’s, regardless of the results of the roll.

Completing the Contested STR Roll successfully will break the charm as surely as if it had been dispelled. Failure at the Contested STR Roll will place the victim at the mercy of the charm, unable to physically contest its effects further for the remainder of the DUR.

The “Malleable Charm”allow the object so treated to absorb more damage than it would otherwise before breaking, but in doing so it will be deformed according to the nature of the blow that befalls it (GM’s discretion), becoming malleable as moist clay for purposes of interacting with damaging physical forces (GM’s discretion). Any damage inflicted in excess of the protection offered by the dweomer in a single Pulse will interact with the object normally and break the charm as surely as if it had been dispelled. The charm can make stone soft as clay to be sculpted by an Artisan, allowing fineness of detail rivaling even the great sculptors in marble of the Renaissance.

The “Supple Charm” can make up to (POT) layers of thick heavy fabrics flow like sheerest silk*, even enable jointed field plate flex and bend as easily as fabric while never losing its protective value. To apply to armor, the POT must be equal to or greater than its native DR.(* padded armors being composed of 25+ layers of fabric in a sandwich …)

This charm may not be resisted.

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