Art: Sorcery, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The “Mesmerize” aspect is a very subtle form of Binding that goes a little deeper than the more superficial Banishing above. It lulls the victim into a dreamless somnambulistic state, almost asleep but not, in which the subconscious mind is engaged. While in this state of mind, the victim’s soul may be bared, the dweomer’s [(POT) + (caster’s HRT att. mod.)] providing the DV for a HRT check which must be successfully made before he may remain silent in response to any question to which he knows the answer.

This dweomer may only be applied to normal mortal folk, natives of the Mortal Sphere, and only those that are members of sentient humanoid races.

To lull the victim into the Mesmerized state of mind, an object of fascination must be supplied, some sort of shiny or glittery bauble, something of beauty that might be admired, a candle flame, the play of sunlight on a body of water, even the caster’s own eyes (especially if enhanced by a “Magnetic Gaze” charm). For use as a cantrip, all the caster must do is get the victim to look at the point of fascination to be used to focus the magick for it to work (providing they don’t resist. For spellcraft or ritual workings, should someone or something break into the victim’s magickally inspired reverie before the CTM is complete, the magick is spoiled, wasted.

These restrictions do not apply if the target is asleep when subjected to the dweomer.

IF the caster has the Mesmerize Spirit Skill, that SL is added to the effective POT of the dweomer when it is cast, except when the victim is asleep.

This charm induces a state of mind that is exceptionally malleable, makes the spirit cooperative and docile. The dweomer coerces the victim to reveal the answer to up to (POT) questions if the dweomer is tied off, or as many as desired if the dweomer is maintained at the caster’s pleasure. The victim may make a HRT check on d100 vs. the [(POT) + (CHM att. mod. + HRT att. mod. + BTY att. mod.)] to attempt an evasion or to remain silent.

IF successful, the victim may even attempt to lie, although the POT of the dweomer is subtracted from his AV to do so.

For better or for worse, the “Mesmerize” dweomer opens the subject’s mind to receive suggestions or commands/compulsions. Any suggestions or commands implanted cannot violate the basic spirit and character of the one in whom they are implanted, their morés and the basic values which make up the core of their personality, their identity.

IF this restriction is followed, the dweomer [(POT) + (Mesmerist’s CHM att. mod. + HRT att. mod.)] will provide a DV for the victim to resist the command or suggestion by means of a HRT check on d100, The victim’s M-RES for resisting the influence of any “Truthsay”, “Pillow Talk”, or similar compulsion when questioned, or Geis, Grand Command or Behest, or alteration of mind or memory magicks such as “Banish Memory” or “Seal Memory” directed at a target already Mesmerized are reduced by the POT of the Mesmerize charm.

In addition, those victims subjected to violence of any sort by the bearer of the charm immediately released, as surely as if the charm had been dispelled. This leaves them with their minds clouded to the point that they cannot initiate any original action in return for (POT) Actions, and a descending DV penalty to any reflexive or defensive actions allowed equal to the number of Actions of confusion and fugue still remaining, their gaze continually returning to the point of fascination used by the caster to snare their minds, very distracted.

The Druid & Witch incarnation of this magick is known amongst its practitioners as the “Druid Sleep”.

This charm may be resisted normally, when the victim is originally subjected to it. Any additional magicks used to manipulate the victim can only be resisted at the penalty described above, and the results of those resistance checks may well affect the difficulty of resisting the effects of those manipulations when they come into play again (as applicable).