Message Charm

Art: Sorcery, Enchantment, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

This magick invests a dweomer in either an object or creature or being that carries a message of up to (MGA + POT) words which remain in waiting until the designated recipient(s) touches it to release it or for the DUR as allowed by the POT if tied-off, normally, or for as long as the caster maintains it, if those optional DUR rules are in play, as applicable.

Upon successfully loosing the dweomer, the caster must immediately speak or even whisper the message, or begin scribing it on the object if it is to be rendered in written form. Once scribed, the message disappears into the dweomer to be revealed again when the recipient lays hands on it so he may read it.

The “Message” may be set to respond to up to (POT) specifically designated individuals, the “Message” only appearing or being spoken for those specific people designated, who must be known to the caster through previous personal experience, unless the caster has some means of creating a vibrational bond that allows him to transcend this limitation (lock of hair, personal belonging, etc.). At the caster’s option, the “Message” invested in an object, creature or being may be set to respond to the touch of the first (POT) beings to encounter it in succession, whomsoever they might be, or it may be tuned to deliver its message only to members of a particular trade, or race, or sex, or any combination of these factors, i.e., so that a “Message” could be tuned to only become visible to or be spoken to dunlas Courtesans with green eyes in the service of the Queen, or to Tinkers and Smiths of the blood of William Smith of Tewkesbury that are born in the shire of Alfshame, or to those who are descended from the blood of princes who have reached 7 years of age or more, OR the message could be available to all except those that the caster designates as being blinded or deaf to it, in the same manner as described under the heading “Fine-tuning the Magick”.

IF the “Message should be tuned to respond to more than one recipient, they must all read/hear the same message. It may not be varied for different recipients in the same casting.

A “Message” with multiple recipients must be discharged and delivered to all before the DUR expires, regardless of its parameters, or they are lost. In addition, a single recipient may trigger the message to repeat itself up to (POT) times, so long as the DUR continues, unless the caster specifies otherwise.

The dweomer repeats the message stored in the charm, speaking in the caster’s own voice with the same tone and inflection, or that of the one for whom the magick was cast, as applicable. All those within listening range are able to hear the message as it is repeated, as if the caster himself were present and speaking to the recipient in the same tone of voice.

IF all uses of the dweomer are exhausted and the DUR is being maintained at the caster’s pleasure, it dissipates normally, having spent its strength, and the caster notified of that event at that time.

IF the message is written and the recipient cannot read, he must hold it for the message to remain visible while another reads it to him.

Bundled with a “Mimic Charm cast by the Art of Glamourie, the voice of the message can be made to sound like the voice of anyone with whom the caster is familiar through previous personal experience.

Cast by Sorcery, the message may be invested in a creature or being, who MUST be capable of speech in order to deliver the “Message”, UNLESS it is bundled with a “Voice of Silence” charm or some similar magick to provide those who cannot speak with the ability to do so.

Cast by Enchantment, the message must be in written form to appear on the surface of an object, any object with a suitable surface, not just paper or parchment.

When applied to living creatures and beings, this dweomer may be resisted normally.

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