Mystical Senses (MSS)

This attribute reflects the character’s natural disposition or auric attunement to the ebb and flow of the currents and eddies of the unseen energies of the Spheres of Spirit called mana, from which magick is made.

Thus, MGT is an essential score for any character who is intended to be a practitioner of magick of any kind. This is the sense often referred to as the “sixth” sense.

With a score of “1” the character is completely insulated from the energies of the Unseen World, unable to experience them on his own. He is unable to “feel” mana, sense the presence of any spirit, or understand what is happening to him even when a dweomer hits him full in the face or a spirit passes completely through his body.

Above average sensitivity provides a sixth sense that can occasionally spontaneously manifest in unpredictable sporadic flashes of empathy and visionary dreams of the past, present, or future (GM’s discretion). The higher the MSS, the more frequent such occurrences are unless the character is a true Wizard or Witch, in which case he has learned how to control his talent to tune-out these sudden intrusions by Spirit.

In those with training, MSS are expressed in the Spirit Senses, expressed as skills actively developed in the magick-wielding Trades: Second Sight, Scrying, Spirit Sight, Oracle, Spirit Speak/Inner Voice, Psychometry and Sense Magick.

A score of “25” gives the character the means to note every ripple and change in the currents and flows of mystical energy around him, if he is paying attention, to feel the subtle charge of power that lies in every creature, object, and being in the world, even the insignificant disturbance of the weakest Low Magick used in his vicinity.

MSS is equal to the average of SPT and AWA.