Nature’s Teeth

Art: Enchantment, Naming

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sphere: Common

The Nature’s Teeth charm lays up to (POT) invisible magickal traps along a path or scattered about a location (clearing, garden grove, etc.) where desired. If more than one trap is created by means of a single casting, all must lie within an area defined by the limits of AoE. The caster must specify where each one lies on a map for the GM’s benefit.

When the hapless victim passes within (SPT + POT) inches of the point at which the trap is anchored, wooden stakes like punji sticks, daggers, spearheads long-buried from battles in ancient days, cracked and broken bones of the earth’s dead, long since reclaimed, or some combination of these things, flash upwards to stab the unwary tripping the trap to inflict a blow of (magickal damage) in POT, interacting with armor normally (as applicable) according to the rules for combat. ­Soft-soled shoes provide only a single point of DR, hard-soled boots or shoes providing the same protection as common cuerbully (30).

IF the Piercing attack optional rules are in play, the blow inflict is a Piercing attack that interacts with armor in the same manner as a dagger or poniard.

Each trap automatically strikes with Surprise, unless the victim can see/feel the presence of magick, allowing no defense. If the chance to Sense Magick is failed, the same occurs, the character getting no warning of his peril until he actually sets foot on Nature’s Teeth, too late, he is already being bitten.

Nature’s Teeth can bite up to (POT) times in succession before the DUR expires. IF the optional DUR rules are in play, the Teeth remain to bite again over and over without limit so long as it is the caster’s pleasure to maintain the charm. The Teeth are sometimes treated with a Venom or Pox charm to ensure that the victim(s) die of the bite delivered.

Flash of Frost and Flash of Fire are aspects of Nature’s Teeth available only to those aligned with Air or Fire by birthsign, respectively.

These are invested in the ground and triggered in exactly the same manner already described, and may bite repeatedly under the same circumstances. They carry no physical impact of concussive force, just a momentary Flash of elemental fire or frostbite to burn the one that triggers it with a wound of (magickal damage) in POT. This extends to burning any in the immediate vicinity also, but the POT is reduced by one (1) point for every foot they by which they are removed from the point to which the trap was tied.

The (magickal damage) POT of the blow inflicted with each Flash is deducted directly and only from the DR of any armor worn by the victim until it is burned away (as applicable), before any wounds can be delivered. Two (2) points of the POT are spent in charring through a single layer of normal clothing where touched, the balance inflicting a wound on the target in accordance with the target’s threshold, as defined in the rules for combat. Coming into contact with paper or cloth with 5 points of POT or more causes those items to flash-over into open flame, creating another set of concerns entirely.

The target takes no wound unless the DR of his armor is exhausted and there is yet POT left from the blow to dispose of (as applicable).

Where the earth has become frozen, regardless if the cause is natural or magickal, the Flash of Frost can be made to explode with shards of ice that act in exactly the same manner as the Furious Bite (as follows), but is able to be repeated as described for first aspect of Nature’s Bite. Should the earth melt before the DR expires, the charm melts away with it.

The Furious Bite is another form of Nature’s Teeth available only to those aligned with Earth by their birthsign. This aspect of the charm is invested in up to (POT) stones lying innocuously on the ground. When the trap invested in them is tripped the stone explode upward, shattered by the charm, shooting shards up at the victim as he flies through the air to strike him with a blow of (POT) in Potence, and all those within a (POT) feet radius just as strongly, also. Every foot removed from the location of the Teeth and its primary victim reduces the POT of the blow inflicted by one (1) point.

IF the optional Piercing blow rules are in play, the victims of the Furious Bite are struck that sort of blow, equivalent in fineness to that a common sword would provide, armor providing such defense as it can, according to its description.

IF the POT of the blow is sufficient to Knock-back the victim, the concussion of the explosion knocks the victim up into the air that distance to land in a random up to the same distance from the trap’s location (GM’s discretion). The concussion wave similarly has the potential to Knock-back those in the vicinity in the direction of the blast (a straight line between them and the point to which the trap was tied), if the POT is great enough relative to the target’s (modified) STA, every foot they are removed from the location of the Bite and its primary victim reduces the POT of the concussion wave and its potential to cause Knock-back by one (1) point.

Unlike Nature’s Teeth, the Furious Bite can only act once.

The Fury of Earth is a directly related aspect of Furious Bite that is invested in any palm-sized rock on the spot, then hurled at one’s foes to explode like a grenade, inflicting the same damage as the Furious Bite, in the same way and with the same effects, but lacking the need for any one to trip by stepping on or beside it. The act of throwing the rock is what arms the magick so it explodes on impact with any object creature or being. The damage inflicted by the charm could be combined with the blow inflicted by the physical impact of the rock itself. If not thrown before DUR expires, the charm dissipates harmlessly. Like the Furious Bite, the Fury of Earth makes of the stone a one-use weapon.

All the aspects of this charm are basically defensive in nature, and the caster is free to restrict the victims to which the traps he lays respond in the same manner as any other defensive magick, as discussed in “Magick Notes” under the heading “Fine-tuning a Magick”.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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