Read Magick

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Pluto, Uranus

Sphere: Common

1) First to be learned will be the Sphere of Power (Common, Noble, or Sovereign, or equivalent) of the dweomer being Read.

2) Second will be the form in which the magick being Read was cast, whether High, Common, or Low magick was used.

3) Third will be its POT, if that is less than or equal to (Reading POT + SPT att. mod).

With the use of the “Measuring Tool” for time, the caster availing himself of the “Read Magick” dweomer will be able to determine how long the dweomer he is reading has been in existence, or if already expired, how long it endured and how long ago it expired.

4) next will be yielded the actual type of magick and/or the trade (faerie, infernal spirit of Darkness, worldly spirit, spirit of Light, divine or channeled by a Mystic, Fili, Bard, or any of the Druid trades, Wizard, Witch, Hearth-Witch, Hedge-Wizard, or WiseWoman/CunningMan) by which the dweomer they are Reading was created.

5) the caster will learn with which one of the Five Arts in particular (Divination, Glamourie, Enchantment, Sorcery, or Naming) the dweomer they are Reading was created, and

6) next will be the LoA and specific SL of the caster of the magick being Read, if less than or equal to (Reading SL + SPT att. mod)

7) IF the caster was a Hearth-Witch, Hedge-Wizard, or WiseWoman/ CunningMan practicing one of the folkways or non-traditional forms of Wizardry or Witchcraft as described in the Grimoire (Cabalist, Knot-Weaver, Drug-Trance, etc.), he will also be able to distinguish the nuances of which was used.

8) the caster will be able to discern a rough psychic impression of the emotional state of the caster and his intent at the weaving of the dweomer – whether the magick was created out of simple desire, desperation, love, anger, charity, a favor for another, self-preservation, in pursuit of an enemy, revenge for a wrong done, to defend hearth and home, in a quest for information, to facilitate a quest for fortune and glory, and so on, so the purpose the magick serves will be known.

9) the knowledge of whether the dweomer was tied-off or remains connected to the one who created it may be Read. If still connected, the caster may Read whether the magick has been renewed or actively adjusted or tampered with through that link. A “Reveal Contagion” dweomer will be needed to see that bond fully so that it might be traced, if desired.

10) the dweomer will grant impressions of the appearances of the caster of the magick Read – bits and pieces, maybe hair color, maybe eye color, maybe a Distinguishing mark, their sex, general complexion (fair, ruddy, olive, etc.), whether they were beauteous, average-looking, or ugly by common standards, a sense of whether taller or shorter, thinner or fatter than the caster of the Reveal Magick, and so on.

11), the caster will be able to Read the exact nature of the dweomer being examined, its name as far as the one who cast it had a name for it, and it’s description, the details of the manner in which it works, which natural law(s) or forces it manipulates and in what manner it interferes with it/them, if not evident by the effects of the magick itself.

12) an impression of the original caster’s mental and emotional disposition will be gleaned, whether they are tidy or sloppy folk by habit, whether cool-headed, sentimental, hot-headed or otherwise emotional, whether they leaned toward Virtue or Vice, at the moment the dweomer being Read was cast.

13) the caster may Read the common use-name, the first name and/or any sobriquet, of the caster of the dweomer being Read, and receive a picture-perfect vision of the caster from head to toe, including the understanding of how that vision of his appearance reflects his favored mode of dress or the fact that he was not dressed as he would prefer at the time (colors, cut, determination of nationality subject to foreign Social Graces skills).

14) the caster will be able to Read the surname or family name to which the caster was born, and the knowledge of any cold, flu, or other disease or health problems, lingering difficulties from old injuries, as well as bestowing knowledge of any prominent birthmarks, major scars, disfigurements, and so on, in or on his body whether obviously visible or not, which the caster had at the time the dweomer Read was created.

15) the caster may also Read impressions and scattered visions of the town neighborhood/village/area, climatic conditions, etc., of caster’s origins, to contrast with his own if they differ (if foreign in nature, subject to Foreign Culture skills).

16) the caster will receive a picture-perfect vision of the city, village, or immediate area or environs of the home of the caster of the dweomer being Read, at the time when the dweomer being Read was cast. This is sufficient for the casting of a “Finding” dweomer to pin down it’s location, it if desired.

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