RoM Basic Notes

For combat

Potence is used to quantify strikes landed on opponents

POT in this case = STR + STA

If a weapon is in hand: STR + STA + DB from the weapon

IF the DR of the armor worn (as applicable) is less than the POT of the blow, the DB is subtracted from its DR, and one strike is assessed against levels of wounding, i.e. a Light wound if it is the first wound; if the POT is less than or equal to the DR, only one (1) point if subtracted from the DR and no wounding is assessed

If a Thrust is landed, i.e. a Piercing attack scored, the DR is only lowered by one (1), but the full POT is assessed vs. the victim’s STA(?), (+CND att. mod.?, + STR att. mod?)

if POT is greater than this, assess two (2) levels of wounding automatically, P-RES check to remain conscious; check vs. Stun if consciousness maintained; Stun penalties added to wounding penalties if failed; normal penalty only for level of wounding if that succeeds

Slashing attacks have a POT of (DB + STR att.  mod.), instead, subtracted from the DR of the armor automatically, when successful;  they do not inflict levels of wounding except after the armor is worn away or when used against unarmored foes; against unarmored foes, 1 point is deducted from the POT of the Slash for every layer of cloth/clothing shrouding the body (GM’s discretion)


Treat attack types in the same manner as the Arts of a Wizard, as indicative of his style? This way, each would become a skill tracked by the player for his character, in the same fashion

weapon skill equivalent to skill with a given charm

strike type equivalent Arts

what is equivalent to Form? OH! The “family” of the weapon type … axes, swords, etc. could be a skill tracked in the same manner as the three Forms

The “family” SL should be substituted when the character picks up  a weapon in that family he is not specifically skilled in?

IF the character is granted one (1) Art higher than the rest to reflect a specialty, making the titles of Sorcerer, Enchanter, Namer, Seer, and Twilight Weaver more concretely meaningful … Does he only get the one?, What is the benefit? (SL?) and what happens when one of the other Arts grows in SL to rival or surpass it?

Should the Warriors get a similar specialization?

Should the defenses (Parry, Block) each be treated as additional skills … and should Dodge be added to it, the aggregate describing a particular style he was taught …Grappling … Pummeling … Wrestling … Entangling …?

Allow different rates of benefit from the skills of deception to characters in combat? Knaves, Rogues, Tricksters, Players, Courtiers, Merchants, etc. all should derive some combat benefit from these Open skills, BUT Warriors, especially Duelists, should derive the most immediate and constant benefit from them, as battle is their bailiwick and using a false front or deceptive movement/body language is INCLUDED in their trade training, where they are subtle advantages cultivated by the other trades mentioned, useful in dealing with others, especially rivals, but not something taught as a matter of course. Survival of the fittest.

I am inclined to allow the compounding of these SL’s for Warriors and Wizards, BUT no other trade has any similar advantages … except perhaps the Social Trades with the skills derived from Charisma

In all these cases, the specialization should perhaps be optional, as it provides a compounding advantage over time … what disadvantage does it bring? If any … 

When the M-RES is at full, when the fight-or-flight response is triggered, or any other time the practitioner feels threatened, he may bring M-RES to bear as a shield to either Block or Parry in the same manner as a Warrior’s shield, developing a skill/SL for it in the same manner as a Warrior, building into the practitioners the tools for the classic “Wizard’s Duel”, so no special rules need be written for it!

What about allowing each character 5 ratings … his specialty starting at 5, choosing the next most important at 4, then one at 3, and another at 2, while all the rest remain at one (1) for the start of play.

This makes sense and perhaps should be applied to ALL characters and character trades as an OPTION for Basic level Character Generation











M-RES Block

M-RES Parry

= 10 skills to rate for the start


Slash (optional)

Thrust (optional)

Hack/chop (common strike, basic skill)


Defend (Block/Parry, a division of the individual weapon skills)





Bows (become specialty?)

For Magick

a combined augmentation and animation that extends one’s robes, skirts, sleeves, cloak in streamers roughly 6-12in’s wide that hover like Medusa’s snakes and can be made to strike like serpents (what distance?) to seize (Entangle) a foe, to squeeze like a python, to act as extra hands, to whatever extent they can be manipulated in executing actions as commanded. This, in much the same manner as a Great Weaver’s Behest (Binding, Bidding)

Grand Command = Master’s Behest