Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Uranus

Sphere: Common

Using a similar technique as scanning with the “Seek Hidden”, the caster stands with his arms out-stretched, palms facing outward, as the dweomer gently carries his consciousness outwards on a wave in a perfect sphere, in all directions at once, enabling him to “Reveal” things in the immediate locale. The “Reveal” is more commonly used to reveal the presence of a specific something with which, by type at least, he is already familiar with through previous personal experience when it is either suspected or known to be near and the caster wants to pin down the location(s) relative to where he stands. Like, the “Seeking”, the “Reveal” is an AoE-based magick, subject to the parameters set forth in Part I. of this Grimoire. This dweomer must be cast to search a particular area, the bounds to be set by the caster as the dweomer’s AoE. The size of the AoE determines the base amount of POT required to achieve a POT of one (1) in the manifestation of the dweomer.

The Reveal must be tuned to search for specific things, creatures or beings in particular, including Persons, Beasts, Lycanthropes, Shape-changers, Un-dead, the dweomers of Magick itself, Objects, Plants, Life in general, and the Elements, including pure potable water. The Reveal may be tuned to trace the presence of things much less concrete in nature, such as Danger in general, dangers in particular such as Poison, Drugs, Pox, Traps & Snares, Ambushes, Betrayal, and later, Spirits and Færies, Spirits of Light & Darkness, Ghosts both lawful and unlawful, Hauntings, and then specific Emotions and Intent. This list is well-rounded, but NOT intended to be exhaustive, if the player can come up with other, parameters for searching with the Reveal dweomer, he should consult with the GM about including it, and check with the GM to see if he has broadened the scope of the magick himself for the players’ use.

All other information or impressions of what is in the vicinity other than that which it is tuned to “Reveal” is ignored by the dweomer.

A Person sought by this dweomer must be one with whom the caster is acquainted through previous personal experience, unless he possesses some means of transcending that limitation (bond of Resonance – lock of hair, personal belonging, etc.), or may tune his search to members of a particular race with whom he is acquainted, even distinguishing between male and female, if desired.

For the dweomer to note their presence they must be [40 – (SPT + POT)] in (modified) STA or greater.

In the case of Beasts, the caster is expected to narrow the field to a specific species of beast for the dweomer to Reveal. Those sought by this dweomer must be those species with which the caster is acquainted through previous personal experience (mundane or mythic), unless he possesses some means of transcending that limitation (lock of hair, personal belonging, etc.), and specific beasts those domesticated or kept in the owner’s household with whom he is also familiar.

For the dweomer to note their presence they must be [40 – (SPT + POT)] in (modified) STA or greater.

Through this aspect of the dweomer, the caster can find Lycanthropes whether they are in their beast shapes or humanoid, and those who have otherwise been Shapechanged into beasts or who have the power and knowledge to Shapechange into beasts and have done so at least once, whether they are in beast form or humanoid. The dweomer can discern these easily from among others of the same species when they are in beast shape.

The dweomer may be tuned to reveal (warm-blooded) Life in general, in which case it reveals the presence of any and all life within RNG by sparking each creature’s life fires causing them to burn very brightly in the caster’s sight. By the intensity of the fires seen or felt through the dweomer, the caster will be able to judge whether the creatures and/or beings are more or less physically powerful than himself (greater or less in STA). Injuries cause life force to appear less than it would if the creature or being in question were in good health.

Revealing Un-dead works on the fully physical un-dead (skeletons, zombies, mummies, liches, etc.) and those that are part Spirit alike (vampires, wights, wraiths, etc.), spark the creatures’ attachment to the non-material spheres and causing them to be shadowed by a hazy black aura. For the dweomer to note their presence they must be [40 – (SPT att. mod. + POT + SL)] in (adjusted) STA or POT or greater.

When tuned to the Æther or actual dweomers, works of magick, the Reveal causes all items, places, beings, creatures, and whatsoever, within the stated RNG to which a magickal dweomer of any kind is attached (regardless of the trade or method of its origins) to glow with a soft, pearly luminescence in his sight. It also Reveals the traces of magick on those items, places, beings, creatures, and whatsoever having possessed a dweomer within the past (SPT + POT + SL) hours. By the dimness and state of the aura, the caster may determine whether the dweomer revealed is currently in effect or if the power revealed is only a remnant of a dweomer that has already expired. For the dweomer to note their presence, however, the dweomer must be, or have been, [40 – (SPT att. mod. + POT + SL)] in POT or greater. Items such as Touchstones, Master Works, and Masters’ Tools, while bearing power, do actually qualify as carrying magicks, as dweomers are wrought with intent, and so will not show up when a Reveal is tuned to dweomers, the power in them will only be noted when the caster has tuned his Reveal to the Æther, but these may get lost in the glow of power of the field of mana if they are in the same location, unless the Reveal is tuned to the Æther and directed solely at an object suspected of carrying power. The “Sense Magick” ability works as well, especially if the caster has no fear to lay his hand(s) upon the object(s) in question.

This dweomer Reveals the magickal nature of enchanted items and more complex magickal artifacts and tools of those who wield magick that bear multiple dweomers only if, once the general presence of magick in them is Revealed by a general Reveal, another Reveal is performed solely on the object. Only by doing so can the number of dweomers in the object be Revealed.

Objects sought may be of any kind, but those with which the caster is familiar through previous personal experience by type (unless some means possessed of transcending that limitation), esp. when searching for personal belongings. This aspect is intended for use in finding items when the caster knows roughly what it is he is looking for already. For the dweomer to find them they must be [40 – (SPT att. mod. + POT + SL)] inches or greater in all dimension (height, width, and depth).

In the case of Plants, the caster is expected to narrow the field to a specific plant for the dweomer to Reveal. The caster may focus on any sort of plant from fungi to herbs to trees with whom the caster is acquainted through previous personal experience, unless he possesses some means of transcending that limitation (bond of Resonance – a bit of leaf, bark, a seed, flower petal, etc.). For the dweomer to find them they must be [40 – (SPT + POT)] inches or greater in all dimension (height, width, and depth).

All deposits of air (fresh, and by extension any gas or fume specified by the caster), earth (in any form, any quality of stone, any type of metal, etc., the caster may stipulate the material in its raw form or worked, or a specific item of a specific metal for the dweomer to focus on), fire burning, still or flowing water (including all forms such as ice, snow, etc. and by extension any liquid specified by the caster), that are of [50 – (SPT att. mod. + SL)] inches or greater in all dimension (height, width, and depth) within RNG attract the dweomer’s attention, provided that such a deposit of the element does indeed exist within the stated RNG of the caster.

The Reveal grants the caster a clear mental image of all gatherings or deposits of that which he seeks, their immediate environs, and provide an unfailing directional sense leading to any one of the locations at which he senses that which he Seeks that he concentrates on for the magick’s DUR. By the brightness of the aura outlining them, he may discern whether the subjects for which he searches are located within short (within 1/4 RNG), medium (from 1/4 to 1/2 RNG), or long range 1/2 to full RNG) from the caster, according to the magick’s RNG. By the intensity of the feeling communicated by the dweomer, the caster can judge approximately how large a deposit has been revealed when looking for quantities.

If any subject that would be identified by the dweomer within RNG lies concealed but would otherwise be in plain sight, the caster will be able to “feel” both its presence, direction and location normally.

If any major physical barriers (buildings, etc.) lie between the caster and the waters that his dweomer would reveal, the caster is allowed a check on d100 to determine whether he can indeed “feel” their presence, using (POT + SPT att. mod.) as the AV. If successful, he will also be able to feel the distance at which they lie, normally.


The DV for this check will be equal to (40 – water’s largest dimension in feet) + (the density of the intervening material, according to the Shielding Allowance Table in the Grimoire.)


This dweomer’s sole purpose is to Reveal the presence of that which the caster seeks, it will not provide more information beyond direction, distance and number. Any further information about the nature of that which the caster is sensing will have to be gained by employing a “Reading” dweomer.

Although the scanning with the “Seek Hidden” or “Revealing” in general of anything will all fall within the bounds of the same dweomer skill, the caster may distinguish the use of this skill for a particular task such as Revealing Enemies, or Revealing Beasts, or the like, if he does so regularly above and beyond the use he gives any other aspect of this magick. The types of things scanned or revealed by dweomer will be marked, along with the SP’s, and the SL’s tracked. The highest of these will always be used to determine the AV for casting it no matter what he seeks, but his sensitivity for the SPT checks will be according to his use for that specific purpose.

For example, the caster may have developed his Reveal skill for Revealing Un-dead above all other uses (SL10) and while that SL10 is used to determine the success for casting, once it is cast, the sensitivity of the dweomer for Revealing other things will have a separate SL, whether Objects, Plants, Beasts, Emotion or Intent, etc., each of these starting at SL1 and having to be improved separately.

The caster may also scan for “danger” in general, to find or warn of things which pose an immediate threat to life and limb if they should be encountered, or the caster can scan for specific things that pose a threat to life and limb, whether Traps & Snares and their trigger mechanisms, pressure plates, tripwires, and the like, Poisons, Drugs, Pox, or Ambush, a weak and unsteady structure or bit of flooring that would give way beneath him or roof that might fall in upon him, or the like. The dweomer will limn any and all of these with a bright luminous aura (visible only to those who wield magick or who have the Sight) those whose POT are equal to or less than the Reveal’s (POT + SPT att. mod. + SL), ambushes set with Stealth AV’s equal to or less than (POT), Traps and snares equal to or less than (POT) in skill and complexity, and so on. Though the dweomer will not Reveal the specific nature of the danger of which it warns, some situations will provide clues to let the characters know how to proceed, i.e., food and/or drink the dweomer highlights as dangerous is likely to bear poison, drug, or pox. If the caster suspects one of these dangers he may scan specifically for that danger alone.

When scanning for a single danger, the caster will be able to Reveal the presence of such elements as are considered dangerous, as mentioned, regardless of whether or not they actually pose a danger to life and/or limb currently. In the case of Ambush, the degree or immediacy of danger will be indicated, how long those in hiding have lain in wait, how alert and how dangerous. Insofar as Traps, he will also be able to tell approximately how old the ones he discovers are and how dangerous and whether or not they are still functioning and dangerous, how old are any poisons or venoms and whether they bear any danger still, in food and drink how long ago they were added to them, in regards to Pox or disease how long ago the corruption was introduced, by the intensity of the aura surrounding them, as long as the POT or AV (as applicable) of the danger falls within the power of the dweomer to detect, as above.

When concentrating on a single danger, the dweomer will also measure the magnitude of the threat, providing an approximate number (within 2 or 3) of living creatures or traps and snares within the area, and whether the largest among threatening creatures/beings is greater in (modified) STA than the caster himself, an approximation of POT or SL’s/AV’s of the danger.

The Reveal may also be tuned to mark the presence of creatures and beings who bear traces of the realm of Spirit, or spirits themselves – whether Spirits including those once mortal and earthbound, Elementals or Færies, and Spirits of Light & Darkness, Ghosts and Hauntings, both lawful and unlawful, the vibrations of certain specific Emotions or Intent. Due to their connection with Spirit, these creatures and beings are attributed various magickal properties and powers, so they are rated in POT like magick itself. For the dweomer to note their presence they must be [40 – (SPT att. mod. + 1 per 4 Reveal SL’s) + (POT)] in POT or greater.

Alternately, it can highlight the auras of those possessed of high Emotion like love, hatred, joy, grief, guilt or remorse or feeling great anger or hatred, or those following a drive for revenge, to make amends, to succeed, to survive, commit treason or murder or theft, betrayal by a companion, etc., according to their Intent, as well, but the caster must specify the particular emotion or intent (as above) or some similar approved by the GM to which to tune the dweomer to Reveal. If concentrating on Betrayal, whether the subject revealed is actively working a plan to achieve the ruin or betrayal of the caster, or simply carries casual enmity/dislike, or enmity in abeyance waiting for an opportunity to be indulged.

These emotions, insofar as they describe how a person feels about another or a pet or other beast, are the basis for bonds of Contagion or Resonance. Where ever an emotion is discovered marking the heart with any power or force, there is a bond between that heart and the object of that emotion. Because of this, the “Reveal” dweomer can also highlight bonds of Resonance.

This includes the bonds between all beings and/or beasts having owned (especially emotional/sentimental bonds) an object (including a beast’s tack/harness), even cast a magick on it at any point, going back through time (as defined earlier), any objects associated by use or proximity (pieces of a ritual supply kit used by a given magicker, but dispersed and sold in the market piece-meal), and the like.

The dweomer can only highlight the emotional tie or bond if the person and the object of his emotion, or object and its fellows (if part of a set) are both within the AoE and within sight, or come within the AoE and within sight while the caster maintains the dweomer. Once found, if the caster wants to find out what are the particulars of any of the bonds he has found, he must cast a “Read” on the bond so he can probe for its exact nature and characteristics with the normal SPT checks using his SL, to try to discern the details. Since the nature of the emotion is already “Revealed”, the dweomer having been tuned to reveal it, getting the particulars requires the use of a “Read” dweomer, but it functions in this case in the same manner as the “Seek News” dweomer.

The dweomer notes those currently feeling the emotion or intent the caster chooses to Reveal, and those bonds drawn by it between creatures/beings and objects he is attached to which are also within the stated RNG of the caster. The caster may choose all who are feeling hatred or enmity, or only those who are feeling hatred for HIM.

He may Reveal the bonds of any emotion Revealed that are attached to him personally, or anyone he chooses to stipulate as long as he is familiar with them through previous personal experience (unless he has some means of eliminating that requirement), whether positively or negatively makes no difference (bonds of hate, love, friendship, enmity, amity, is an object valued and enjoyed for itself or only for it’s sentimental value, etc.)

For the dweomer to note their presence and high emotion at all, however, the subject’s CHM or HRT must be [40 – (SPT att. mod. + POT + SL)] or greater.

The emotion to be Revealed must be actively stirred, actively present if not actually foremost in the heart or thoughts of those Revealed by the dweomer – the subject(s) must know that the reason or recipient of the high emotion Revealed are within their vicinity, they have sighted them or just encountered them, or they are otherwise brought to mind in order for the dweomer to sense them (possibly in conversation), unless their emotion in that regard or the intent which they are following is so great that it totally consumes them (GM’s discretion) in which case they reek of it at all times.

The Reveal tells the caster the locations up to (POT) instances of that for which he has tuned the dweomer to “Reveal”. These are the first (POT) locations arranged in order from greatest to least, and no clues will be given if there are any more to be “Revealed”, if more should be present. The caster may choose to maintain his “Reveal” dweomer to hold those locations marked and then cast again so as to ignore those results to determine if there are any more of that which he seeks to be “Revealed” in the vicinity. This can be very helpful when Revealing creatures or beings by type or species, or plants by species, or elements like water or fire, and the like.

Cast by the Art of Naming, the charm may be tied to the location of the caster so he may “Reveal” what he likes as he likes for the DUR as allowed by the POT if tied-off, normally, or for so long as the caster chooses to maintain the dweomer, as applicable. The AoE travels along with him, “Revealing” whatever it is the dweomer has been tuned to “Reveal”, centered on his own locations in the event that he should move or be moved.

IF the caster uses the “Reveal” to trace a bond of Contagion or Resonance, he may follow it from origins to object or the other way around, as he desires, BUT these gossamer threads lead the caster in the most direct route, a straight line as the bird flies, regardless of impingements due to physical barriers, man-made or topographical, in the same manner as a “Charm of Direction”.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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