RNG: Dweomer Areas of Effect (AoE’s)

AoE is a product of the POT used in the casting and the caster’s ambition with a given magick, how large a target he thinks he can handle the POT to affect. AoE can be defined as either a number of specific creatures or beings (Sorcery), or objects or a plot of land or portion of some larger object’s surface (Enchantment), depending on the nature of the magick itself, or both in the case of Glamourie and Naming magick which can be used to affect both with a single casting.

The AoE must be determined when the casting is begun, because it dictates how much POT must be used to encompass it with a POT of 1, with additional POT to then be added to raise the effectiveness of the dweomer to the level the caster desires, as detailed under the heading “Potence”, previously.

For Sorcery and those aspects of Glamourie and Naming magicks that affect creatures and beings directly, AoE is defined by STA (as modified by Build), and number of creatures or beings to be affected (if more than one), also detailed under “Potence”, previously.

For Enchantments and those aspects of GIamourie and Naming magicks that affect inanimate objects the AoE is actually defined by the Size of the object, and the number to be affected (if more than one). When it is a portion of some larger object’s surface area (such as the floor, wall, or ceiling of a building, tabletop, rooftop, etc), the radius of the AoE is determined as detailed under “Potence”, previously.

When the AoE is a plot of land or an actual physical surface area, its size is always measured as a radius, and its center must lie within the normal “clear line of sight” rule established previously under the description of RNG.

In each of these cases, it is the practitioner who must decide how much and how many he wishes to try to affect, as that determines the base amount of POT that must be used before adding more to bring it to the POT in manifestation desired, which determines the difficulty of the casting and also how physically taxing the casting is (where the optional END rules are in play). The caster must try to balance the POT of the dweomer’s effect (commonly less than the amount of POT needed to cast the magick), and the number he wishes to affect, as POT provides for the casting DV.

To convert distances for land or surface area AoE’s into skirmishing scale tactical measures, multiply the number of feet by 5, divide by 10 and read the result as centimeters. The first place to the right of the decimal represents any remaining millimeters.

In some descriptions, some magicks are notable for having an effect specifically tied to the area where they are cast. These magicks can be identified by the phrase “within the AoE,” and are treated as stationary fields, tied by “nodes” to the center of the place where cast. Those magicks identified by the phrase “tied to the location of the caster” or “tied to the location of the bearer” are tied to the location of the caster or recipient himself or the object on which cast. Their AoE’s and dweomers travel along with them, centered on their own locations in the event that they should move or be moved.