Scrivener’s Veil

Art: Glamourie

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

This charm encompasses all the various expressions of the magicks that restrict the circumstances under which any writing’s made under its auspices may be read. The simplest use of the Veil is to cover those writings that are intended to be read only by a single recipient. Those who are allowed to see the writings under the Veil can be tuned as discussed under the heading “Fine-Tuning the Magick”, screening those who may read or those who may not, as the caster desires, but the result raising the DV for the casting in a Progressive manner. Another variety of restriction to place on the writings made under the Scivener’s Veil are those that dictate the sort of light by which they can be read, whether starlight alone, moonlight, or real sunlight, by light magickally conjured (sometimes called “Werelight”) or by Balefire, or by Spirit Fire (sometimes also called “Wizard Fire”). Some can only be read by firelight, some by candle light in specific, or torchlight, or rushlight.

When the Veil is keyed to the moon or sun, it is always to a specific phase of the moon, sometimes also to a particular month, even a particular day, for the sun it can be the time of day and even the season, and down to the month and even day. Whatever the particulars of the timing chosen, that is when the message must have been written under the Veil. That is why they can only be read when that time recurs. The specific day the message is written under the Veil can be chosen regardless of the moon and according to the sun only in general terms, such as tying the Veil to one of the equinoxes or one of the solstices.

Some Veils are keyed to a command word or phrase (no more than POT words), or a gesture, or a combination of both.

There are Blood Runes, which can only be seen when blood has touched the surface where they are written. Some Blood Runes are keyed to a specific bloodline, and cannot be seen except after that specific family’s blood has touched the surface.

For some it is the touch of water or wine, perhaps even from some particular source or location, the produce of a specific winery, a particular river, lake, artesian spring, etc.

Further, the lighting or other conditions like blood, command words, and the tuning only to respond to certain individuals can all be combined in whatever ways the caster desires and can devise, just so long as any physical keys like blood, water or wine are all present at the casting and the command word(s) is spoke and any gesture performed at that time of the casting (as applicable). This applies even to a cantrip form casting when those conditions are also to be set into the dweomer.

One notable and almost universal use of the Scrivener’s Veil is known as the “Wizard Mark”. This aspect of the charm enables the caster to scribe upon any surface (AoE), creature, object or being up to [(MGA att. mod.) x (POT)] characters, runes or glyphs. Alternately it can be restricted to a simple thumb, finger, or hand print, these being the most convenient when the High form is used to cast it. The Veil allows the Mark to be seen either by only those trained in the Arts, only members of a particular magick-wielding trade, or those simply gifted with the Sight. If the caster permits, this Wizard Mark Veil commonly allows the writings or marks made under it to become visible under the light of any magickally conjured light to any also standing within the Light’s area of effect, whether mundane or schooled in the Arts, regardless. This magick represents a bond of Resonance, easily traced with a “Charm of Direction”.

The presence of writings under a Scrivener’s Veil can be revealed to the sight of those bearing the “True Sight” or “Wizard Sight” magicks of greater POT than the Veil, BUT not what the message or mark(s) under it actually are unless they are cast directly in Opposition.

This charm cannot be resisted.

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