Second Sight

Art: Divination

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Sphere: Common

The “Second Sight” enables the caster to view objects, creatures, and/or beings remotely, wheresoever they may be located, in exactly the same manner as the Spirit Skill of the same name. Where the skill may fail to work, if the dweomer is successfully cast, there is no chance of the magick failing, however.

IF the caster also has the Second Sight Spirit Skill, its SL is added to the casting AV and ALSO to the effective POT of the dweomer, but AFTER it is cast (i.e., it does NOT raise the casting DV, as using a greater amount of POT normally does).

The specific location or the distance the caster may be from that which he wishes to view through the use of the “Second Sight” is irrelevant. This dweomer is commonly used as a means to check on the status of one’s loved-ones, or business partners, to check on the activities of those who may bear watching due to a lack of trust, or those who pose a known or suspected threat or out-right danger, but the base requirement is that they must be known to the caster through previous personal experience, unless the caster has a bond of Resonance (handkerchief or favorite piece of jewelry that has seen daily wear on the subject’s body, fingernail parings, a lock of hair, etc.), to enable him to transcend this limitation.

The dweomer manifests a clear vision or image of the subject of the “Scrying”, and of his immediate environs. The subject’s immediate environs extend to viewing the area within roughly (SPT) or (POT) feet (GM’s discretion), whichever is greater, beyond which distance the vision dissolves into a misty haze. The caster’s point of view in the vision may be rotated and swung about 360° around the subject of the “Scrying”, in a complete sphere around it if there are no physical obstacles in the way, so long as the subject is maintained at roughly the center of the vision.

The caster may view up to (POT) different subjects/locations/objects/creatures/beings while the dweomer lasts, regardless of the parameters of DUR. The image provided by the dweomer remains as long as desired up to (DUR) as allowed by the POT if tied-off, normally, or for so long as the caster chooses to maintain the dweomer, if the optional DUR rules are in play. At the caster’s option the visions may be viewed in snatches, intermittently. The “Second Sight” may be tapped on and off again as desired as many as (POT) times throughout the DUR if tied off, or without limit if the DUR is being maintained at the caster’s pleasure.

The “Second Sight” charm does NOT provide the sense of direction that a “Finding” does, although it CAN be used to anchor a “Finding”, which can be used in turn to anchor a “Charm of Direction” or any similar dweomer whose duty it is to show the path to the image provided by the “Second Sight” for which the “Finding” has discovered the location.

Although the “Second Sight” is not sufficient for providing a direction for physical travel, it is more than sufficient to fulfill the caster’s RNG requirement of being “within sight” for the purposes of targeting the subject he is “Seeing” with the magick.

This dweomer may not be resisted.

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